FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

100% Natural means good, right?
And certified organic is great, but who’s doing the certification and is there a watchdog for all this “green-washing” in the media?
The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the most prominant among a growing number of overseers who keep increasingly-bold marketers  in line.
The FSC is a nonprofit organization that oversees the growing and eventual cutting of millions of acres of forests in 70 countries. Forests that follow the strict guidelines are certified by the council so builders know exactly where the wood is coming from and that it is coming from sustainable forests — think of it as the Good Housekeeping seal for well-managed forests.

Here are some links to help you learn more and, yes, we carry FSC-certified flooring  in our showroom and are in the process of installing some right now!
Tour of an FSC-certified forest in Oregon.
NBC4 On Going Green

Our Blog post listing FSC Criteria

We wish you the best as you  do your part for the environment. If we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to email with your questions.

Christopher Moline
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
Alexandria Carpet One

Chris with Reina

Chris with Reina

3 responses to “FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

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  2. so helpful! keep it up.

  3. Very informative. There is a lot of information out there… it’s just all over the place. Pays to know what you’re doing.

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