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Henderson Hall – Marine Corps Style…

Can a beautiful space increase sales?


Toli & Roppe Luxury Solid Vinyl Tile

Above – Toli & Roppe Luxury Solid Vinyl Tile

We’ve worked on many facets of this project at Henderson Hall for the Marine Corps. As a former Marine, I’m proud that we’ve been chosen on many occasions to work with the Corps.
The project involved the use of the following materials, all suitable for heavy commercial use:

Bentley Prince Street carpet tile
Toli luxury vinyl tile
Roppe Wood Naturals luxury vinyl tile in the following colors
Takoma Cherry
Warm Cherry (light)
Rectified porcelain tile by Happy Floors in a travertine look


Roppe Wood Naturals Takoma Cherry luxury solid vinyl tile.
Roppe Wood Naturals Takoma Cherry
luxury solid vinyl tile.

Rectified porcelain tile.
Rectified porcelain tile.

If you have questions about this project and would like to talk with Stuart, send him an email or give him a call at 703-370-0000.

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Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

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A Peek At Courtney’s Portfolio

Courtney Ward
Designer Sales

There is so much more to Courtney’s portfolio, but we have to start somewhere!
Courtney Ward has been on our team for over 9 years and has a loyal client base relying on her expertise in finding the right style floor to go with their project. She was even featured on HGTV’s “I Want That” program, along with designer Craig Henson. She was recently featured on another HGTV segment walking us through a DIY laminate job.

During her time with us, she has worked with many clients in every conceivable facet of flooring – from design conceptualizing to fine-tuning once a product has been chosen.

Here are some images from just a few of her hundreds of projects:

Stunning Karastan wool in master suite.
Stunning Karastan wool in master suite.
The style is “Marie Antoinette.”


Beautiful tile in an upscale kitchen.

Closeup showing Courtney's design work with custom tile.
Closeup of Courtney’s custom-designed layout.

Another closeup showing Courtney’s design
work with custom tile.

And here is a nice area rug on and berber combo
in a local living room…

There are hundreds more examples and we will be adding to this post over time.
In the meantime, give Courtney a call at 703-370-0000 or send her an email
Courtney –

Arlington VA Flooring Contractor 22209
Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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Using VCT In A Residence For Design

Case Study
Beau Bevard, Residential Sales Pro, worked with his customer on this project using commercial vinyl composition tile in their home.

The end result came out exactly as planned since Beau used our computer capabilities to design the project in color and to scale. using-vct-in-a-residence.

To contact Beau about this project, you can email him at

At Alexandria Carpet One & Commercial Carpets of America, we can work with you to make your vision a reality… and this is a perfect example!

Christopher Moline, <hr>Residential Group Manager, Commercial Carpets of America 703-370-0000 <a href=
Christopher Moline
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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Protected: LEED Training for CCA

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Protected: How to post on Craigslist… and

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Black & White Checkerboard Floor Design at the Carolina Inn

It’s a design that never goes out of style – the black-and-white checkerboard floor. This one had to make it here as a classy design using commercial vinyl composition floor tile with a glossy topcoat.
This job was done for the Carolina Inn at UNC, using 12″ x 12″ vinyl composition tile, in 2-foot squares, with commercial polish. It requires daily maintenance, but the end-result is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, stunning.
If you’ve been to the West Wing of the White House, you also have seen the marble in the same format. In fact, information on black and white checkerboard floor designs is one of the most common requests we receive on-line.
We have many ways to accomplish this look, depending on the end-use, all of which can give you the beautiful, eye-catching look you’re looking for.
Email Chris for details and we’ll work with you.

Here is an image of Rudyard Kipling’s home with a bit of variation on the checkerboard pattern:

And we just finished this example of truly custom work in the George Washington Memorial outside DC in Alexandria, Virginia:
Before we completed the project, I wrote some notes in this blog – “Here is the finished insert that will be installed later this week with a 2-foot wide black border.
It will be installed over synthetic pad inset into a field of royal blue. The room is in a world-famous landmark located just outside Washington DC.
This posed a special challenge as each square is a separate 12″ x 12″ piece of broadloom carpet.  Our CRI Master II installer, Cody Morgan and his equally-talented brother, Chris, spent days fabricating this challenging piece.”

black and white checkerboard flooring custom rug installation

Here is how a brief rundown of how they went about it:
First, they seamed together 12″ wide strips in an alternating pattern. A special microwave seaming iron called “Kool Glide” made all the difference in this extremely-demanding case because it allows the mechanic a perfect view of the entire process.

After this step, he cut 12″ wide strips length-wise, leaving him with long shots of alternating 12″ x 12″ squares attached.
Then, and very carefully, he assembled them into the finished product you see above.

Keep reading to see a shot from the actual job site. We will have a professional photographer follow up with some very nice images for you to see. Also, following is a copy of our CAD-generated plan for the end-user:

The above drawing by Kamran Bullock, one of our professional field estimators, is just one more example of the attention to detail we give our clients. During the installation process, the job-site is visited by one of our field service supervisors who are tasked with inspecting each project as it progresses. After nearly 40 years in business, we’ll have it no other way, and neither should you.
And here is the final installation:

checkerboard floor design

For your next flooring project, send me an email or call us (703) 370-0000… as many thousands of clients have, you’ll be glad you did!
All the best,

Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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Karastan Month is back

karastan carpet and rugs in northern virginia

Do you live anywhere near Northern Virginia and looking for Karastan carpet? Karastan month just started and will run through June 7th. Every style is on sale, so ask us about rebates up to $1000.

Call us NOW… 703-370-0000

We are the largest Karastan dealer on the East Coast. We also stock Karastan carpet in several styles. With nearly 40 years in business, we have the installation support you need to guarantee a successful installation of the finest flooring products to make your home look great, and make you look like a pro!

Imagine not having to worry about your installation because you are covered by our Beautiful Guarantee. We also have full-time field service supervisors to check in, offer support and make sure the job is done right. There is a reason we do business all over the world, and you can benefit from our experience and unparalleled support.


picture of chris moline, leed ap, green flooring expert
Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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Here is an updated list of Karastan styles.
Aberdale, Antelope
Almont, Alondra
Annandale, Arbor Retreat
Arlington Lane, Aventino
Barton Terrace
Bellingrath, Bernoulli
Bixby, Buona Vita
Capitol Drive
Capsilon, Carson Valley
Chatham Port
Cornwell Heights, Coronado Coast
Distinctive Vision
Dramatic Affair, Dunecrest
Empress Kirman, English Arbor
Exotic Hideaway
Fashion Perfect, Franconia, Ivory Coast, Kingscote
Kingston Park, La Mirande, Land’s End
Leonine Rosette
Mesa Gardens
Monte Bianco
Nantucket Bay
Natural Fulfillment
Ocean’s Edge
Piece of Heaven
Scenic Way
Stanford Court
Stylish Palette
Sugar Beach
Union Street
Woolcheck Heather

Top 10 Environmentally-Friendly Things You Can Do

Note – keep reading for an EXTREME example of what NOT to do to be environmentally friendly…

Ten Eco-Friendly/Earth-Friendly Things Everyone can do Today.
Advice from a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional…

I’m surrounded by green products in my showroom and office.
It’s great!
But how can you show a green habit or best practice?
Well, it’s not easy, but there are some listed here… and they can save you money and time.

Use efficient lighting: Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use 70% less energy and last 10 times longer than standard bulbs. We use these in our showroom exclusively and save over 34 million watts per year! But your choice is not limited to CFL’s. We also use LED spots in our “green” area for even greater cost savings (with 0ver 90% energy savings)  and to add to the  overall lighting temperature to show how colors change under different light sources.

Adjust your thermostat:
Set your programmable thermostat two degrees warmer than usual in summer and two degrees cooler in winter—then watch your energy use drop.
  While you’re at it – insulate and seal your home. Windows, doors, trim… all can be sources of air infiltration that reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. Double check your attic access if you have one, and make sure it’s insulated and weather-stripped.

Reduce phantom load:
Home electronics draw 40% of the electricty they use while turned off—unplug chargers and home entertainment systems when not in use. In my home, we use power strips with  on/off switches for equipment. When not watching or listening, we hit the switch and save energy. You can automate this by setting a timer to turn off the juice during times you know you won’t be using the appliance.

Conserve water in- and outdoors:
Treating and pumping water takes a huge amount of electricity—saving water saves money and power too. You can also go so far as to capture rainwater from your downspouts in a drum and use that for watering flowerbeds and gardens. There are also a variety of solar-powered pumps that can be integrated as well.

Plant a tree at home:
Carefully chosen and planted trees soak up CO2 and shade your home for lower summer utility bills. If you plan in advance, as the tree grows it can shade the south-facing wall of your home and reduce what is called the “heat island” effect. This effect refers to how certain building materials absorb, then radiate heat back into the atmosphere, raising temperatures in the vicinity by as much as 10 degrees.

More great tips below, but check out this video for the extreme example of what NOT to do. Of course, these three shameless examples are from commercial retailers, but the idea is universal. This mini-activism on my part came about when my son and I were visiting the local Bowie Town Center in Maryland on a very-hot day and got quite the “eco shock.”

Drive less:
Walk, ride a bike, carpool, take the bus, and combine trips when possible.

Keep your car in tune:
A poorly tuned engine wastes 10 to 20% of its fuel; a clogged air filter risks a 10% increase in fuel consumption; and low tire pressure means another 5% drop in efficiency.

Reduce, reuse, recycle:
Create less waste by reusing or recycling items.

Buy local: Most food is shipped more than 1,500 miles to get to your plate—locally grown food saves fuel and tastes better.

: Raise awareness among your friends, family, and coworkers, and tell government leaders you want meaningful climate protection planning and policies now. In that spirit, do you know what the following logo’s represent? I copied them from a green convention brochure and they show that the publishers really had the environment in mind when producing their materials.
Make “green” home-improvement choices: Earth-friendly flooring can have a major impact on your home’s carbon footprint. Find a sales person who knows the green side of the flooring business and do your research. Our blog is a great place to start and our sales staff is on the cutting edge of green flooring choices. Better yet, deal with a LEED AP and you’ll know you’re working with someone who has a breadth of knowledge far beyond your average sales person.
Check out your contractor!
Our entire facility is ZERO-Landfill (we recycle all waste or convert it to energy) and we mean “green” when it comes to business.
We use all compact flourescent lights in our showroom at a savings of over 34 MILLION watts per year.

So, email, call or stop in. Click this link for directions.
Web article.
We’re experts and we’re ready to work with you!
For more information on LEED certification, click here.

about Chris Moline, LEED AP

Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional


Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
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Since you’re reading beyond the main content, I’ll throw in a few more things:
Tell the cashiers you don’t want a receipt.
Opt for no bags as often as possible instead of paper or plastic, if you don’t have a lot to carry and you can handle it.
Let your lawn grow a little bit longer and don’t try to keep up with your neighbors by watering and fertilizing… survival of the fittest, I always say!
Or, opt for a no-cut lawn by xeriscaping (no-water landscaping using stones, natural plants, etc…)

Berven Carpets

CCA & Alexandria Carpet One – Coming To The Rescue of Expo’s Former Customers:

If you are a former Expo Design Center customer, have no fear.
We can provide you with the best Berven Carpets, Karastan, Nourison, Masland, Couristan, Mohawk, Shaw, Fabrica and others have to offer.
Give us a call and we’ll be there for you… even if Expo won’t!

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Christopher Moline
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America 
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