About CCA

Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home represents the residential division of Commercial Carpets of America, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.
Chris Moline, our group manager, came on board after selling his business, The Carpet Factory, Inc. & The Maryland Flooring Company in December of 2007.  Now, he’s pursuing his pashion for exquisite flooring, especially “green flooring”, and you’ll see the fruit of that in the following:

– The recently-completed “green” area of our showroom.
– All showroom lighting is now CFL spots, saving over 33 million watts of electricity per year… not including elimination of heat gain which causes the air conditioning to work harder. And that saves a lot more energy than we even know how to calculate!
–  Introduction of a DVD library station in the showroom so you can watch presentations of various flooring systems and manufacturing processes while you shop.
– Finally, our entire operation is ZERO-LANDFILL! All waste from 3 warehouses and all of our offices is either recycled or turned into energy at a local facility.

It takes a complete picture to be believable… and we’re doing a whole lot more than just putting up some displays and chanting, “Green is good.” Ask another flooring company what they’re doing, and we’re sure you’ll see we stand out.

Chris with Reina

Chris with Reina

So stop by often, send email inquiries, and post comments!
Chris Moline
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
Alexandria Carpet One

6 responses to “About CCA

  1. William Alderson

    I greatly appreciate your in-process images and am going to visit your showroom this Saturday. We have been looking for a flooring dealer who actually understands green flooring.

  2. Does anyone know what happened to the Ravens player from the playoff game? Is he paralyzed?
    That was a nasty hit!

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    Thank you & Peace!

    – Tyler McLaughlin

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