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We are an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

We are one of the first flooring companies to achieve this standard. Below is our actual certificate. What does this mean for you? You can rest assured knowing we’ll take the appropriate steps to keep you and your family safe.

picture of chris moline, leed ap, green flooring expert in northern virginia and the dc metro area

What exactly is an “Eco Broker”?

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Heard of “Eco Brokers” (green real estate specialists) yet? Remember when all of the conversations you would have with your real estate agent involved how tech-savvy they were, and how they were going to get your property sold that much faster because of the ‘wave of the internet’?  Well, there is a new wave, so to speak, and it’s more than a wave, it is a way of life.

Sustainable and healthy living practices are what have allowed us to integrate ourselves with the environment soundly for thousands of years. As the years go by, we as a global community are taking better care to ensure that we are living in a more sustainable and healthy way to prolong our lives, and to care for the earth that provides so much for us. This means that we have to make the shift from the bulky, unhealthy, inefficient homes of the past and create a new standard for healthy, sustainable living. EcoBrokers are Realtors who have taken on the responsibility of educating their clients about the value and importance of keeping your home environment green.

You may wonder what the benefits are for using an EcoBroker over a regular Realtor, and the answer is simple: EcoBrokers understand about sustainability, healthy living, and the cost effectiveness of living in a home that is energy efficient.

Why use a “green” realtor?

When you’re looking to buy a property, using an agent who not only knows the value of the current market, but also the added value of upgraded energy efficiency for your investment are imperative; these are also things that a certified EcoBroker can guide you through. Knowing that homes which are eco-friendly hold their value on average 10-15% above a conventional non-green home is a huge advantage when purchasing your next residence. EcoBroker agents will help you select a home that will suit your needs while keeping in mind that your home purchase is one of the largest investments you will ever make, all the while understanding that your home will need to be a healthy and comfortable environment.

Adam Gallegos was the first Certified EcoBroker in Virginia who went on to become the founder and broker of the premier green real estate brokerage in Northern Virginia, Arbour Realty. Founded on the principals of healthy and sustainable living, Arbour Realty’s team of EcoBrokers pride themselves on understanding green building and by truly practicing what they preach. Gallegos and his EcoBroker agents take their training to heart when they are helping their clients find their next home.

EcoBrokers will share innovative ways to find green financing to pay for possible energy efficient upgrades, they will point out the key features of a home that make it have healthy indoor air-quality while being comfortable and appropriate for their clients’ needs. Real Estate agents who have taken the extra step to designate themselves as EcoBrokers can aid their clients in making healthy choices in their new home, and even help you identify cost-effective energy upgrades that you can make now or in the future to make your home a sustainable, healthy place to live.

A homeowner who is looking to sell their property will also highly benefit from their EcoBroker agent. Consider an EcoBroker your own personal green resource. From their dedicated training in this green designation, they will be able to highlight all of the energy efficient features of your home because they understand that a home that is efficient is so much more valuable to a home-buyer. Homes that are sustainably built and maintained have proved to be more desirable in an economy where energy efficiency means dollars saved. A seller should know that homes on the market which are promoted appropriately defining the upgrades, performance and lower maintenance costs will not laze about on the market. Home-buyers are very interested in finding a home what defines them, will save them money in the long run, and feel like they have made the right choice.

If you’re not sure that your home could be marketed as an energy efficient, or healthy home in its current state, EcoBrokers have the knowledge base to help you make smart choices in energy efficient upgrades which when done before your home goes on the market, can add dollars to your pocket.

By engaging an EcoBroker to give you access to their eco-minded resources, you have effectively sold your home the right way. If you are in the market to buy or sell a home and have been thinking about doing it in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, look up your local EcoBroker, and learn how this is the wave to catch.

Content courtesy of:
Genevieve Concannon / Arbour Realty

LEED AP green flooring professional in Northern Virgina and DC Metro area

Chris Moline, LEED AP Residential Group ManagerAlexandria Carpet One Floor & Home

Earth Day events in Alexandria, Northern Virginia and the DC Area

Looking for something “green” to do with your kids to learn about Earth Day? This Saturday come see Chad Durbin, LEED GA, and Chris Moline, LEED AP, at Brenman Park in Alexandria. We’ll have samples of sustainable flooring and, we promise, not one piece of junk plastic kitsch to give away. You can learn about cork flooring, bamboo, reclaimed wood and many other fascinating products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Many exhibitors will have activities for children as well.

We are committed to being the greenest flooring company in the country and we’re in your back yard if you live in Alexandria!
Learn about:
Bamboo floors
Carpet pad made entirely from recycled plastic bottles
Un-dyed wool carpet that actually cleans the air in your home
Wood flooring made from reclaimed wood (building framing, wine barrels, etc…)
Come talk to one of our staff US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professionals and learn what you can do to green your home. The entire event will be full of fun activities for families.

See you there,


picture of chris moline, leed ap, green flooring expert