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RePower America and renewable energy

 What is RePower America and why should anyone with an eco-conscious mindset be aware of what the organization is doing?  As a US Green Building Council LEED AP and flooring industry professional, I’m intimately acquainted with some of the latest data on carbon footprints, on-site renewable power, bio-diesel, and “albedo” (solar reflective properties of surfaces). Since buildings use more energy in the US than automobiles, it makes sense to pay attention and take action. I’ve chosen the field of flooring since it deals with both residential, commercial and government buildings in a unique “cross-over” way. I say this because some residential flooring products can be found in commercial and government buildings. The same can be said for commercial and government-oriented products being found at times in residences.

That said, let’s get back to the “why RePower America?” question.
Here is the neutral WikiPedia reference.
And here is an excerpt from the site:
“Launched in 2008 in a pioneering speech by Al Gore that hit the reset button on America’s clean energy goals, Repower America was first introduced as a bold plan to “repower” our country with 100% clean electricity and revitalize our national energy infrastructure. At its core, Repower America stands for the importance of investing in energy efficiency; clean, renewable and diversified energy sources; a unified national smart energy grid that connects these renewable energy sources to every part of the country; and clean car technology.

In his Repower America speech, Vice President Gore linked America’s current national security, economic and environmental crises to our dangerous over-reliance on carbon-based fuels. Reducing this dependence on foreign oil by investing in renewable energy sources here at home presents a solution common to all three problems. New clean energy jobs in a new clean energy future will repower America – creating millions of new jobs, hastening our economic recovery, strengthening our national security and preserving our planet for future generations. With a clean energy economy, everybody wins.

Building on this momentum, the Alliance for Climate Protection launched the Repower America campaign to galvanize the American public around a bold new clean energy plan and a revitalized national energy infrastructure that will:

  • Jumpstart our economy and create millions of jobs;
  • Help end our dependence on foreign oil;
  • Reward innovation and job creation, not polluters; and
  • Help solve the climate crisis.

Efforts to secure passage of comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation that supports Repower America’s objectives are conducted by the Alliance’s sister nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the Climate Protection Action Fund.”

If you’ve caught Mr. Gore’s TED Talks sessions, you know what he’s about. If not, it’s worth a look and here are the links:

Al Gore’s TED Talks presentation on the latest climate trends.
Al Gore’s new thinking on the climate crisis.
“Averting the climate crisis”
For further information, this list is a sign that renewable energy is worth paying attention to.
List of groups and people who support 100% renewable energy

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chris moline is a US Green Building Council leed accredited professional

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Alexandria Carpet One welcomes Chad Durbin, LEED GA to the greenest flooring team in the Northern Virginia/DC-metro area

Chad Durbin, LEED GA ,brings a wealth of flooring experience and “green” industry knowledge to bear on his new position with Alexandria Carpet One and Commercial Carpets of America.

Chad’s direct number is 703-675-3953 and his email address is

If you are looking for green flooring solutions, Chad and the rest of the team have the knowledge and support to make your project vision a reality.

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Christopher Moline, LEED AP
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Green, Eco-Friendly Shop At Home Flooring Service in Virginia, DC, MD, Alexandria, Arlington and Old Town

Green shop at home flooring service offers in-home convenience in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland. 

We've Got Your Floor... At Your Door!

 Are you interested in a Shop-At-Home appointment for your flooring in Northern Virginia or Washington DC? Do you want to work with a locally-based company instead of Empire Today or any of the many others who use “different” sales tactics? With nearly 40 years of experience in the DC metro area, and full-time staff to assist, you can count on us for quality, convenience and service. If you have a pretty good idea as to what you’re interested in, we can bring samples within that range to your home.  The convenience can’t be beat because our Shop at Home service brings the showroom to your home!
Email me and we’ll get you on your way to a very user-friendly experience.

 Working around your schedule, we will help you match samples to your room, lighting and style.

 In fact, color is crucial in making a flooring decision and, more often than not, the decision is not final until the samples are seen in-home, where lighting is as it will be and existing furnishings can be matched more exactly.
The business I had for over 10 years was built on the shop-at-home principle and it helped my customers save time and ensure they’re making the right choice by making it in the area where their new flooring will be installed.
If you think you may be interested in an appointment, give us a call or send me an email to set one up. Feel free to ask me about my personal experience with Empire where my quote started at over $20,000 and “magically” dropped to $10,000… along with some “interesting” math to back it up.
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Chris Moline, LEED AP
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 Chris with Reina
Chris with Reina

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Ray Anderson – From environmental plunderer to “America’s Greenest CEO” in 5 years

Environmental plunderer? In fact, this is how Anderson referred to himself in the video address below.
For those of you familiar with Interface and Ray Anderson, his being chosen by Forbes magazine as America’s Greenest CEO is no surprise. How he got there, and how quickly, may. Here is a video of his address at the TED Talks meeting I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Interface’s headquarters is a LEED Platinum facility and Anderson really lives the green story.

Interface’s Atlanta showroom proves that green design is beautiful, functional, and worthy of recognition. This space uses innovative features like daylighting (which saves energy and has been proven to improve mood),  sustainable flooring and building materials to show off Interface’s products. The showroom is the first in the world to achieve a Platinum Rating under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Commercial Interior (LEED-CI) Green Building Rating System.

leed platinum commercial interiors, leed ci, leed platinum, interface leed

As a LEED AP (CI) I can truly appreciate the level of commitment it took to achieve this rating. And this is not all.  Anderson has committed his company to a zero-carbon footprint track. He has my vote.

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Chris Moline, LEED AP

Earth Weave natural, un-dyed wool carpet in DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland

undyed natural wool latex hemp carpet dc va md northern virginia nova leed credit no voc

Earth Weave display in our showroom green area

As a US Green Building Council LEED AP I often find carpet mill representatives a bit too eager to call their product “green.” It only takes a question or two to get beneath any green-washing, but in this case it was not necessary. We deal directly with the good folks at Earth Weave and they know their “green.”
First, look at the construction:

Don’t be alarmed by the use of hemp in the backing (I’m sure you aren’t, but there may be one out there). Thomas Jefferson said, “It is the duty of every American to plant hemp.” The “hemp” he was referring to is perhaps the most-useful fiber around and he knew what he was talking about.
If you are trying to de-tox your home (wool carpet naturally absorbs impurities as well) this line of carpet is perhaps your single best step. Feel free to email any questions and we will work with you on finding the right answer.

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Chris Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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