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HGTV Advice – Area Rugs 101

beautiful wool area rug barefoot picture

If something seems to be missing in an otherwise well-decorated room, chances are an area rug will be your solution. If an area rug is on your wish list, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to get exactly what you want. Rugs are a wise investment, providing years of service and pleasure. Here at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry an extensive line of in-stock wools and wool/silk blends of which we can make custom rugs and runners in our facility or in your home.

All area rugs can be applied over any type of floor covering. If you’re building or remodeling, consider insetting the rug in the tile, marble or wood floor so you have a flush floor throughout, with no fear of tripping over the rug corners.

Here are the types of area rugs for your consideration:

Dhurrie rugs. These are thick, flat-woven cotton rugs made in India. They come in a variety of color combinations, pastels being the most popular. The designs on the rugs are geometric shapes, with animals, flowers and people woven in in a chiseled-looking fashion. Dhurries fit in well with most types of decor. Prices vary from $150 to $1,000, depending on size and quality.

 Bordered rugs. These are simply rugs of any size or shape with a base color in the middle and strips of border on the edges. The borders can be one strip in a coordinating color or several strips in two or three colors. Bordered rugs’ uses are innumerable. They can be put under cocktail tables, dining tables or an entire living-room set or used as a foyer piece. Prices will depend on the quality of carpet used, the shape of it and the number of borders tacked on the edges. 

Inlaid rugs. Here’s where your imagination can take over. Anything your mind can conjure, a good carpet designer can manifest. Doodle on a piece of paper until you come up with at least a semblance of what you want, and your designer can take it from there. Geometric shapes, florals, birds, stars and stripes, fans, your name or initials¾there are no rules. Pricing here again depends on the quality of the carpet and the complexity of the design. 

Oriental rugs. These rugs have always been a symbol of wealth, and rightfully so, as they’re quite expensive. They’re a great investment, as their value never decreases and sometimes increases. The purchase of an Oriental rug should be preceded by careful study of the varieties available. Most are handmade. Silk Orientals are often woven with real gold threads, adding to the value. Wool Orientals are less expensive, though still a good investment.

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Best Christmas/holiday gift for your wife?

What’s the best holiday, Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift you can get your wife? It’s not a diamond, my friend… it’s a home improvement project and the studies have proven that beyond a doubt.
That said, what could be better than a fantastic new floor, runner, or custom rug!

best gift for my wife
Actually, this is not marketing, it’s one married man’s attempt to save you some cash and a headache. Just ask your wife if she’d like a heated floor in her bathroom or some diamond earrings and see what she says.
If she opts for diamonds, I can’t help.
But if she wants a fantastic, warm tile floor, a Karastan area rug or carpet for your living room, master suite or den, or one of the amazingly-beautiful wool remnants I just had delivered (and cost less than a quality nylong) just click here!
Buy her the comfort of warm feet during an early-morning or late-night trip to the bathroom, you’ll be a hero EVERY TIME she steps into the room.
I know what I’m talking about because I reap the rewards of a heated bathroom and sunroom floor every winter day… and I absolutely love being a hero.
So, friend, if you’re still scratching your head it’s time to stop and send me an email, especially if you live in or near Washington DC.

I have thousands of square feet of amazing, beautiful and fashionable wool carpets that can be made into runners, area rugs or wall-to-wall installations. Go ahead, put your “holiday hero” suit on and knock her socks off!

All the best,


Arlington VA Flooring Contractor 22209

Christopher Moline, LEED AP

Flooring scams, carpet rip-offs, things you need to know before buying that new floor

I’ve been in the flooring business for nearly 15 years and one thing that constantly amazes me is the consistently poor quality of uniform information from different sales people. I’m not talking about blatant “bait and switch” scams of delivering a product other than what was sold.
What I’m referring to is a simple matter of obfuscation.
Even the mills seem to be in on the game by changing names of styles from store-to-store or big box, making it harder than heck to shop a product.
Well, I’m not going to accuse anyone in particular of doing anything wrong, but I am going to tell you how to spot, in the best case, a poorly-trained sales person, or in the worst case, an unscrupulous one.

First things first – get everything in writing.
You are entering into a contract and if you can’t get your understanding in writing, walk away.
Ask to see the warranty descriptions and know the difference between a “wear” warranty and a performance warranty (abrasive wear-through or texture retention).
If you don’t have at least a basic understanding of the protection you’re getting… think twice.
Second – make sure your pad (if you’re buying carpet) meets at least the mill’s minimum standard, or your warranty is worthless. Here’s an image of a very good piece of Karastan carpet totally ruined by inferior pad that didn’t meet the mill standard:

Base grade, foam pad ruined this carpet.

The above carpet was good quality… but the sales person, intentionally or not, killed it by specifying poor quality underlayment.
The pad above is a “builder-grade” (aka “crap”) 2.5-3 lb foam… and the mill minimum is 6 pound for cut pile, 8 pound for berber.
So, know what’s going under that fantastic floor as well.
Same goes for a floating floor where you may have expectations of sound-deadening, because all underlayments are not created equal.
I’ll be adding to this post, but you can add, too, by submitting your comments.
All the best,
Chris Moline, LEED AP, Residential Group Manager for Commercial Carpets of America

Chris is Residential Group Manager for Commercial Carpets of America & Alexandria Carpet One

Using technology in our retail flooring business to be the best for our clients

I just got a fantastic new toy for my showroom… but it’s not mine!
Actually, it’s for our clients to use and it’s a fun one – a touch-screen, beautiful HP TouchSmart pc with fantastic information on natural wool fiber.
Talk about a cool tool for business.

image of two computers for customer use in retail showroom in dc area alexandria carpet one
There are times when my sales staff are maxed out and we have too many clients in the showroom (well, there’s no such thing as too many) and this gives them some time to do some self-learning. It’s also a good tool for my team to brush up on their knowledge.
With instant access to information, we use every tool possible to stay on top of our game and this is just one more example of how we do it.
Another toy I’ve had for some time is a similiar pc (but not a touch screen) that I use to loop informative videos.
One specific example is the Mohawk “Ricko the Rhino Challenge” with Sorona / SmartStrand fiber.
Since that video has been “looping” our sales of this unique fiber have gone through the roof.

Think about it.

Don’t you ever feel over-accessed by radio, tv, smartphones, email, etc…?
This looping video has provided my team with the repetition necessary to truly understand at least one line of product.
I’ve even started inter-mixing other lines and have heard the showroom chatter change with it.