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Flooring scams, carpet rip-offs, things you need to know before buying that new floor

I’ve been in the flooring business for nearly 15 years and one thing that constantly amazes me is the consistently poor quality of uniform information from different sales people. I’m not talking about blatant “bait and switch” scams of delivering a product other than what was sold.
What I’m referring to is a simple matter of obfuscation.
Even the mills seem to be in on the game by changing names of styles from store-to-store or big box, making it harder than heck to shop a product.
Well, I’m not going to accuse anyone in particular of doing anything wrong, but I am going to tell you how to spot, in the best case, a poorly-trained sales person, or in the worst case, an unscrupulous one.

First things first – get everything in writing.
You are entering into a contract and if you can’t get your understanding in writing, walk away.
Ask to see the warranty descriptions and know the difference between a “wear” warranty and a performance warranty (abrasive wear-through or texture retention).
If you don’t have at least a basic understanding of the protection you’re getting… think twice.
Second – make sure your pad (if you’re buying carpet) meets at least the mill’s minimum standard, or your warranty is worthless. Here’s an image of a very good piece of Karastan carpet totally ruined by inferior pad that didn’t meet the mill standard:

Base grade, foam pad ruined this carpet.

The above carpet was good quality… but the sales person, intentionally or not, killed it by specifying poor quality underlayment.
The pad above is a “builder-grade” (aka “crap”) 2.5-3 lb foam… and the mill minimum is 6 pound for cut pile, 8 pound for berber.
So, know what’s going under that fantastic floor as well.
Same goes for a floating floor where you may have expectations of sound-deadening, because all underlayments are not created equal.
I’ll be adding to this post, but you can add, too, by submitting your comments.
All the best,
Chris Moline, LEED AP, Residential Group Manager for Commercial Carpets of America

Chris is Residential Group Manager for Commercial Carpets of America & Alexandria Carpet One