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Free Axez – Raised Access Flooring in DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland Tate Access Floor

LEED MR credits and raised access flooringRaised access flooring in metro dc and northern virginia

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to your cable-management woes that can also contribute substantially to LEED ratings?
Commercial Carpets of America offers Free Axez, the premier low profile raised floor and access flooring system for wire management and cable management.  It’s a patented all steel, quick-connect low profile access floor – the strongest raised floor, the most adaptable raised floor, and the most cost-effective raised access flooring system available in the world.
The following information includes substantial information regarding MR credits in LEED NC, as well as a general overview of what Free Axez can do for your operation. (email a LEED AP for more specific information)

Whether used as a raised access floor, computer floor, or general office floor, FreeAxez provides optimal wire and cable management, saving life cycle costs and greatly improving workplace efficiency for the modern office and computer environment.
Installed without tools, these floor components can be laid in place and fully wired in a few days. (Normally it takes weeks of work using expensive labor and plenum cable.) And this system can be removed or changed at any time thereafter to provide maximum flexibility.

Cost/Value relationships:
Maximized with this system throughout the project life cycle and facilities life.
As a true green, 100% recyclable product, you’re gaining valuable LEED credits in design, as well as providing clients with great economic and utilitarian advantages.

raised access floor

Email us to discover all the benefits and cost savings FreeAxez offers architects and owners with the initial purchase and for years to follow.

FreeAxez is permitted to be installed with non-plenum rated cabling. As such, FreeAxez unlike the competition, keeps the toxins found on the sheathing of plenum-rated cabling out of the food chain.
FreeAxez provides re-use capability to allow older buildings to meet current and future technology and connectivity requirements for the modern office environment.
FreeAxez is fabricated from recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable and reusable.
FreeAxez is refundable via a 10 Year Buy-Back Program (see below).

ramping options for raised access flooring systems dc md nova virginia

LEED Credit Contributions

Click the above link for more information on these Material & Resource credits and how Free Axez contributes to them.
MR Credit 1 – Building Reuse
MR Credit 2 – Construction Waste Management
MR Credit 3 – Materials Reuse
MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content

raised access flooring in washington dc, northern virginia, maryland

For more information, email Ralph Grove, LEED AP or call 571-482-7160.