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How to install Teragren’s bamboo flooring – Drop and Lock strand

Teragren’s drop and lock strand woven bamboo represents a fantastic choice is sustainable, rapidly-renewable flooring.

All the best,


Chris Moline, LEED AP

Our buddy “Blondie” the 195 lb Rottweiler comes to the office for a Friday “Big Dog” visit

Every time Arianna brings him in, we all have fun with this big guy.

If you want to know how a floor will hold up to a big dog… a really big dog, just ask Arianna or any of our gang and we’ll be happy to help. I’ve got a 75-lb German Shepherd and many different types of flooring in my home, all of which perform differently “under paw.”
The cork in the kitchen and sunroom really hides spots and takes a beating. The newly-refinished oak in my living room does well as long as I keep area rugs around to absorb the “Scooby” effect when my pup takes a corner fast.
The laminate in my Florida room has never shown a sign of an issue.

But, I say this because I’ve chosen each floor very carefully, knowing how I, my wife, three very active kids, and our big pup live.
All choices reflect a higher-end level of quality combined with some pattern to mask wear and spots.

It’s worked out very well.

All the best,


New Earthscapes Flooring Line – Hacienda

Following are pictures of the new line of Earthscapes vinyl flooring – Hacienda. Call or email for more information and a quote on this fantastic & very-durable flooring you can put almost anywhere!


Coronado Bambus 542
Coronado bambus 542

Coronado Bariki 590
Coronado Bariki 590

Coronado Caramba 593
Coronado Caramba 593

Coronado Caramba 598
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Coronado Mallorca 541
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Coronado Parchment 536
Coronado Parchment 536

Coronado Parchment 549
Coronado Parchment 549

Coronado Parchment 592
Coronado Parchment 592

Coronado Parchment 595
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Coronado Parchment 597
Coronado Parchment 597

Coronado Parchment 598
Coronado Parchment 598

Coronado Santana 585
Coronado Santana 585

Coronado Santana 591
Coronado Santana 591

Coronado Valise 549
Coronado valise 549

Coronado Vecchio 591
Coronado Vecchio 591

Hacienda Coronado Milano 836
Hacienda Coronado Milano 836

Hacienda Manzanita 905
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 930
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 935
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 939
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 941
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 947
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 991
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 996
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 997
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Manzanita 998
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Tabacon 903
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Tabacon 928
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Tabacon 930
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Tabacon 938
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Tabacon 946
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Hacienda Tabacon 997
Alexandria Carpet One Earthscapes

Granite Tile & Countertops in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland

Giallo Veneziano – One of the many styles we offer.

Call 703-370-0000 or email for all of your natural granite, marble and stone needs.

pool and spa tile northern virginia dc maryland

Whether you are working on the kitchen of your dreams, or would like a tile or stone product with radiant heat underneath to melt ice on your patio, walkway or driveway, we can work with you.


Do you want a warm floor under natural stone or tile in your bathroom? It’s amazing and I have it in my bath and sunroom. Radiant subfloor heat is energy-efficient and more comfortable than you may think.

limestone_4  Absolute Black
Baltic Brown
Black Galaxy
Blue Eyes
Blue Pearl
Giallo Veneziano
Kashmir Gold
Kashmir White
New Venetian Gold
Santa Cecilia
Tan Brown
Tropical Brown

Abrolios Green
Absolute Black Z
Alga Green
Amazon Tiger
Aquarella Macauba
Artic Cream
Atlantic Gold
Azul Bahia
Azul Imperial
Azul Platino
Barbarella Gold
Bianco Romano
Black Galaxy
Black Meteorite
Black Pearl
Blue Eyes
Blue In The Night
Blue Pearl Gt
Breche De Vendome
Brown Lapiz
Butterfly Gold
Butterfly Green
Carpe Diem
Colonial Cream
Colonial Gold
Cosmic Black
Costa Esmeralda
Costa Wave
Diamond Arrow
Emerald Pearl
Emperador Dark
Gaya Dream
Gialla Viara-Rosewood
Giallo Antico
Giallo Crystal
Giallo Napoleone
Giallo Ornamental
Giallo River
Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Vicenza
Giallo Vicenza Light
Gold And Silver
Golden Beach-Jup.Persa
Golden Dream
Golden Flower
Golden Macauba
Golden Oak
Golden Queen
Golden Sand
Golden Taupe
Green Dream
Green Soapstone
Impala Black
Imperial Yellow
Indian Dakota
Ivory Chiffon
Ivory Coast
Ivory Fantasy
Ivory White
Juparana Bordeaux
Juparana Cascadura
Juparana Colombo
Juparana Crema
Juparana Delicatus
Juparana Florencia
Juparana India Gold
kashmir Gold
Kashmir White
Labrador Angola
Labradorite Blue
Labradorite Multicolor
Labradorite River Blue Lethered
Labradorite White
Lapidus Gold
Latino Mascarello
Luna Pearl-Bianco Sardo
Madura Gold
Magma Gold
Majestic Brown
Mari Blue
Mari Blue Leathered
Mascalzone Latino
Metallica Leathered
Namib Bordeaux
Namib Green
Nero Africano
New Bianco Romano
New Caledonia
New Venetian Gold
Ocean Red
Paradise Gold
Paradiso Bush
Paradiso Clao
Peacock Green
Persa Blue
Persa Verde
Picasso Green
Port Laurent
Rainbow Tobacco
Red Dragon
Red Hollywood
Red Montana
Red Multicolor
Riviera Beige
Rosa Beta
Royal Blue
Sandal Wood
Santa Cecilia
Santa Cecilia Light
Saphire Blue-Saphire Brown
Seafoam Green
Seaweed Green
Shivakashi Gold
Sierra Brown
Silver Pearl
Silver Sea Green
Smoky Black
Spectrolite Brown
Surf Green
Tan Brown
Tropical Treasure
Typhoon Bordeaux
Verde Bamboo Light
Verde Fantastico
Verde Fucco
Verde Laura
Verde Marinace
Verde Speranza
Volga Blue
Vyara Gold
White Fantasy
White Galaxy
White Macaubas
White Persa
Yellow Arandis

Arlington VA Flooring Contractor 22209
Christopher Moline, LEED AP

Email .

PET Polyester carpet – eco-friendly flooring options

PET carpet has been in use since 1991 and is going strong. Some people, however, still run into the crusty old salesperson who remembers the terrible polyester carpet of the 70’s and 80’s that would crush flat within days of installation. This is not the same material and it’s a shame that some people just can’t get over the past.
First, check out the graphic below to see how it’s made.


PET fiber has been in use for a few years now.  In fact, this fiber is exciting in more than one way.
It’s softer than nylon.
It’s green – made from recycled soda and ketchup bottles.

That story alone (the soda bottle story) usually grabs attention faster than anything else. Imagine a carpet made from 100% post-consumer waste. Of course, this is the fiber and not the backing, but it’s still something to get excited about.

The above image shows the steps in the process:
A – used soda/water bottles are collected
B – they are cleaned and ground into chips
C – the chips are sent to
D – the extrusion processor that turns them into
E – bales of yarn ready to be turned into
F – carpet!

Here are some of the advantages of PET fiber
Superior resistance to soils & stains.
Superb abrasion and wear resistance.
Bright coloration with excellent colorfastness.
Soft feel.
Fibers with static control.
Low moisture absorption.
Over 150 million yards installed since 1991.
Competitively-priced – more face weight for your money.
I get a lot of inquiries about this process and how the fiber holds up over time. Feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

Chris – Email


Local flooring/carpet company & homeowners insurance claims

If you’ve had to file a homeowners claim that includes floor replacement or repair in the Northern Virginia/DC metro area, we want to talk with you. For years we have worked with many providers to undo some unfortunate accidents in local homes. We are well-versed in working with many different companies and have a streamlined process that includes quick turnaround, guaranteed labor and special pricing for you. We are also an EPA Lead-Safe certified firm.
If you have chosen to find your own flooring contractor, I’m sure you’ll like what you see when you visit us.
We are ready to work with you to get your home back in shape quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home and your life.

All the best,



Horses That Heal, Horses For Heroes & Wounded Warriors – an organization worth supporting


At Commercial Carpets of America and Alexandria Carpet One, we routinely support organizations that do good.
This one, however, is close to my heart as my oldest son benefits from the use of horses in specialized therapy.  
With the rise in the number of children diagnosed with conditions in the autism spectrum, this type of therapy shows promise, but it benefits more than just that segment.
According to Maryland Therapeutic Riding, using horses for therapy is a growing and widely-accepted treatment for rehabilitating a range of physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.
Conditions served include: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, neuromuscular disorders, post-traumatic brain injury, autism, ADHD, and cognitive disorders.
Riders experience increased self-confidence and improvement in strength, balance, coordination, attention span, language and social skills.
As a former Marine who lost friends in the line of duty, I truly believe in supporting those that make it back home in need of help.
Ever seen a Marine cry?
Just watch me next time I’m down on the farm… and those are happy tears, my friend.
I hope you enjoy the following videos and consider supporting these worthwhile causes:

nightly news
NBC Nightly News Video on Maryland Therapeutic Riding.

YouTube video of Lee Greenwood performing God Bless America and God Bless The USA at the 2010 Live On The Farm fundraising event for MTR.

Horses For Heroes
Horses That Heal – Maryland Therapeutic Riding
NARHANorth American Riding for the Handicapped Association


All the best,


Martha Stewart endorses SmartStrand carpet… a green choice and a great endorsement

Click HERE to see the video

I’ve said it myself, but it looks like Martha has more clout.  In the video, you see Martha actually pour red wine onto the carpet and blot it out… that’s taking a chance. Between Martha Stewart and HGTV’s endorsement of SmartStrand fiber, I can understand why we are so busy selling this great carpet.
Not only is it incredibly stain-resistant, it’s quite green, requiring much less energy to produce than its nylon contemporaries. I’ve installed a large section in my showroom and it’s held up amazingly well. Stop by and check it out!
All the best,



Beautiful flooring options for your home

by Chris Moline, LEED AP

As with art, some homes can make you stop in your tracks… even gasp. And there is an entire industry based on giving you just that look for your home… just ask Martha Stewart. But how do you describe the look you want if you are dealing with someone who has no concept of style or even seems to be focused solely on performance?

The answer? Speak up and don’t waste your time with someone who may not be concerned with your wants, or be able to see a perspective other than their own. In our showroom, we have many different experience levels and senses of style reflected in our people. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable, be gracious and ask the manager to step in, unless you get the perfect sales person who realizes it first and offers to direct you towards someone with a vision more in-line with yours. It’s more than “ok,” it’s the best way, and it happens from time to time with my team.

The manager should know the people on the floor well enough to discern who will work best with whom. If you can answer a few questions, you can make sure you get just the right service. And it will only make your shopping experience more pleasant.

If you are not getting this kind of service, call or email me. It’s what we do here, and it’s our pleasure.


Now, here are some pictures of beautiful homes we’ve had the pleasure of working in.
beautiful-tile-in-kitchen picture1pic_1113


My own sunroom with cork flooring installed over radiant subfloor heat.


Stunning treads, white risers and railing.

What you need to know before making a carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile flooring purchase

by Chris Moline, LEED AP
University of Maryland College of Journalism Graduate

I’ve been in the flooring business for over 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me when I or my sales staff ask clients what type of pad they currently have under their carpet. That’s just one of the glaring errors of “professional omission” I’ve seen in competitors. There is a lot to know when making one of the top 5 most expensive purchases of your life (some flooring projects cost more than a new car).  Below is a brief list of things you need to know when shopping:

What type of pad is best for your carpet and application?
2-pound FHA base-grade foam or 22-pound slab rubber? And… what thickness is best?
If you don’t know what kind of pad you are getting, it’s time to stop and ask some questions.
Did you know that the wrong pad can void the best carpet warranty?

This answer is most definitely a “no”, but do they have field service supervisors who monitor installations in-progress?
We do.

Who is doing the installation?
Are the installers CRI-certified professionals?
What is CRI anyway?

Will the company be there to stand behind the sale?
How long have they been in business and are they going to last?

What are the different types of carpet fiber and what makes them different?
Nylon, Olefin, Triexta, PET, PTT, Wool, 6,6 Nylon, Solution-Dyed, Stapled, Continuous-Filament… etc.

What is radiant subfloor heat and can it save money on heating?
Did you know that radiant heat is the most efficient room-heating method? It’s too late once your job is done, but wouldn’t you love to have had the choice?      And, can they help you understand how much you can save and the value-added to your home?

What types of warranties are offered?
Abrasive wear
Stain (what types are NOT covered?)
Texture retention
Labor – is it guaranteed for the life of the floor?
Satisfaction guarantee

Will they put everything in writing or do they get nervous when you start asking questions?
If you get that “deer in the headlights” look from the sales person, please give me a call or send an email. I and my team have been doing the right things in the flooring business for years and we’re ready to work with you.

All the best,


Email Chris