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Linkwerks/Linkworks Firm Lock and Click Lock Floating Vinyl Tile Flooring in DC, Alexandria, Northern Virginia

Linkwerks Firm Lock and Click Lock floating luxury vinyl tile flooring is available in Alexandria, Arlington and Washington DC and Alexandria Carpet One.  This truly is a floor you can take up and use in another area should the need arise, and it’s extremely durable, suitable for light-to-medium commercial applications.
The following video shows some more information about this versatile, durable floating LVT flooring.

During the presentation, Jim mentions the Unilin click-lock mechanism. The following clip shows this in detail:

This line can be removed and reinstalled in another area of the home or in another home. It is also completely waterproof, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and basements, as well as many commercial applications.
The following are style numbers we carry. Click on the links to see an image of each style:

Firm Loc Tile Styles
LWL-1241 LWL-1242 LWL-1243 LWL-1244

Linkwerks Firm Loc Plank Styles

LWL-3610 LWL-3611 LWL-3612 LWL-3613 LWL-3614 LWL-3615 LWL-3616 LWL-3617 LWL-3618 LWL-3619

Give us a call at 703-212-6383 or email CMoline@CarpetCCA.com for more information. All the best.


Arlington VA Flooring Contractor 22209

Christopher Moline, LEED AP

Henderson Hall – Marine Corps Style…

Can a beautiful space increase sales?


Toli & Roppe Luxury Solid Vinyl Tile

Above – Toli & Roppe Luxury Solid Vinyl Tile

We’ve worked on many facets of this project at Henderson Hall for the Marine Corps. As a former Marine, I’m proud that we’ve been chosen on many occasions to work with the Corps.
The project involved the use of the following materials, all suitable for heavy commercial use:

Bentley Prince Street carpet tile
Toli luxury vinyl tile
Roppe Wood Naturals luxury vinyl tile in the following colors
Takoma Cherry
Warm Cherry (light)
Rectified porcelain tile by Happy Floors in a travertine look


Roppe Wood Naturals Takoma Cherry luxury solid vinyl tile.
Roppe Wood Naturals Takoma Cherry
luxury solid vinyl tile.

Rectified porcelain tile.
Rectified porcelain tile.

If you have questions about this project and would like to talk with Stuart, send him an email or give him a call at 703-370-0000.

about Chris Moline, LEED AP

Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

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Amtico Luxury Solid Vinyl Tile


Amtico Luxury Tile in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland:
Much more than just flooring, Amtico represents a lifestyle choice for those who value taste, individualism, quality and easy maintenance in their home. Here at CCA, we’ve completed many installations of Amtico’s top-of-the-line product in homes, businesses and educational institutions.
Amtico’s mission is to be the most exciting flooring company in the world.  And a quick glance at the vast choice of innovative ranges and designs will demonstrate that they may actually have reason to brag.
The technique of creating replicas of natural products like wood and marble was developed by Amtico nearly forty years ago. This art has long since been perfected and now Amtico has an unrivalled range of beautiful products that are much more practical than ‘the real thing’.  The design folks at Amtico watch emerging design trends and create highly innovative flooring to complement them. No other manufacturer offers choices such as the Urban Metal collection that raises the design stakes in flooring.
Quality is at the forefront of everything Amtico does. They manufacture all of their own products to ensure that every aspect of production, cutting and assembly is carried out to the highest standards.
An Amtico floor is an individual floor. It is not a sheet material, but made up from individual pieces cut specially for your design. From simple to spectacular, you will be amazed by the possibilities.

All links go to a web page we set up with links to each image. They will look like this (American Cherry W745):

american cherry w745,
antique porcelain an41,
black walnut w701,
blonde oak w746,
burnt chestnu w737,
color flash ah8,
elm w698,
european slate ea29,
fused birch w750,
golden oak w751,
honed limestone lh11,
linear chalk la11,
linear olive la18,
lunar bronze mt137,
moleanos ml41,
molten platinum pearl lq81,
oriental slate brown ol27,
philippine tan ph40,
polar glass arctic fg0191,
priory pine w732,
reclaimed chestnut w741,
savonna stone sr31,
sedimentary sandstone light sd14,
spalted beech w748,
stained concrete moss,
urban metal frost um11,
weathered elm w697,
wenge wood w749,
white oak w752,
zebrano w733
Christopher Moline, Residential Group Manager, Commercial Carpets of America 703-370-0000 <a href=
Christopher Moline,
Residential Group Manager,
Commercial Carpets of America
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More info on construction from Amtico’s website:
Along with its inherent beauty and integrity of design, all Amtico flooring features our world leading flooring technology: Amtico MPS (Multiple Performance System).

Up to 40% of the thickness of an Amtico floor is dedicated to performance, making it vastly superior to competitor products

Taken individually, each of the layers can be considered the most advanced of its kind in the world. Together, they give our flooring totally realistic aesthetics, unrivalled durability and unbeatable appearance retention.

Layer 5: The base support layer, providing strong adhesion to the under-surface .

Layer 4: The aesthetic layer created by Amtico’s in-house design team. This is either digitally enhanced photography to give our flooring its totally realistic aesthetics or our designers use a variety of techniques and effects to create our innovative product portfolio.

The remaining construction is dedicated to performance, and this is what we call Amtico MPS:

Layer 3: Performance Layer 2 High density for high resistance to indentation. This MPS layer is made up of very dense material which offers extremely high resistance to indentation. This allows Amtico to perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas and instances of high point-loading (high heeled shoes, chair legs for example). Amtico floors are a lot less reliant on plasticizers than other floor manufacturers. This results in a more resilient material and means that the product is less likely to shrink over time. Products with high levels of plasticizers also have higher environmental emissions and have a poor resistance to stain.

Layer 2: Performance Layer 1 Ceramic impregnated for improved slip resistance and durability. This Amtico MPS layer is made up of engineered ceramic particles that provide enhanced slip resistance. The particles also enhance the appearance of your Amtico floor, giving a more natural rather than gloss texture, as well as providing further protection against discolouration. Any direct competitor comparison will demonstrate that Amtico is superior both technically and aesthetically.

Layer 1: Top MPS layer Urethane Treatment – Super tough surface for scratch resistance and lower maintenance. The top MPS layer is the Urethane treatment. This is an extremely tough layer that provides a high level of scratch, scuff and stain resistance. Urethane treated floors do not need to be polished or dressed, therefore reducing the time and costs involved in maintenance. Our unique manufacturing process also helps the product resist the damaging effects of light, preventing any ‘yellowing’ of the finish.

Although cheaper alternatives to the Amtico multi-layering system are available, we are convinced that quality and performance are more important than a short term saving.

picture of chris moline, leed ap, green flooring expert
Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager,
Commercial Carpets of America
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