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Social media and the retail flooring business

I’ve been involved with social media since the early days and have nearly 15 years of experience using the internet for business.
Thanks to Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC for short), I started college late and once I graduated there was no time to waste… I’d just gotten married.
In my effort to secure a BA in journalism from the University of Maryland, I found myself surrounded by guys younger and more tech-adept than I.
But we got along great and since the Usenet groups and ezines in their earliest forms were what I cut my teeth on.
It was this early access to emerging tech that proved the biggest assett as I grew my flooring business and eventually was able to sell it.
Frankly, the flooring industry is behind in using social media and many websites still look like ads… silent, still ads.

If you have a retail flooring business and need help, send an email and we can talk.
Some of the things I do are so effective, I’m just not going to share them with some folks.
But, odds are you’re not one of them 🙂

All the best,


Virginia, Maryland, DC Shop At Home Carpet, Bamboo, Hardwood Flooring Service

shop at home flooring service

by Chris Moline, LEED AP

Relax and let us come to you.

Are you interested in a Shop-At-Home appointment for carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate flooring? If you have a pretty good idea as to what you’re interested in, we can bring samples within that range to your home. The convenience can’t be beat because our Shop at Home service brings the showroom to your home!

If you’ve ever been to a showroom and brought the sample home only to find the color looks completely different, I can help.

Email me and you’ll be on your way to a very user-friendly experience.

Forget about traffic and shop barefoot!
Working around your schedule, you’ll be able to  match samples to your room, lighting and style.

In fact, color is crucial in making a flooring decision and, more often than not, the decision is not final until the samples are seen in-home, where lighting is as it will be and existing furnishings can be matched more exactly.
The business I had for over 10 years was built on the shop-at-home principle and it helped my customers save time and ensure they’re making the right choice by making it in the area where their new flooring will be installed.
If you think you may be interested in an appointment, give us a call or send me an email to set one up.

Know that you have the resources of a nation-wide company and a large, local showroom behind you.
You can start your process shopping at home, then come to our store to see all of the many available options.
We also offer all financing options and the best guarantees in the business as a Carpet One store.

All the best!

What you need to know before making a carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile flooring purchase

by Chris Moline, LEED AP
University of Maryland College of Journalism Graduate

I’ve been in the flooring business for over 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me when I or my sales staff ask clients what type of pad they currently have under their carpet. That’s just one of the glaring errors of “professional omission” I’ve seen in competitors. There is a lot to know when making one of the top 5 most expensive purchases of your life (some flooring projects cost more than a new car).  Below is a brief list of things you need to know when shopping:

What type of pad is best for your carpet and application?
2-pound FHA base-grade foam or 22-pound slab rubber? And… what thickness is best?
If you don’t know what kind of pad you are getting, it’s time to stop and ask some questions.
Did you know that the wrong pad can void the best carpet warranty?

This answer is most definitely a “no”, but do they have field service supervisors who monitor installations in-progress?
We do.

Who is doing the installation?
Are the installers CRI-certified professionals?
What is CRI anyway?

Will the company be there to stand behind the sale?
How long have they been in business and are they going to last?

What are the different types of carpet fiber and what makes them different?
Nylon, Olefin, Triexta, PET, PTT, Wool, 6,6 Nylon, Solution-Dyed, Stapled, Continuous-Filament… etc.

What is radiant subfloor heat and can it save money on heating?
Did you know that radiant heat is the most efficient room-heating method? It’s too late once your job is done, but wouldn’t you love to have had the choice?      And, can they help you understand how much you can save and the value-added to your home?

What types of warranties are offered?
Abrasive wear
Stain (what types are NOT covered?)
Texture retention
Labor – is it guaranteed for the life of the floor?
Satisfaction guarantee

Will they put everything in writing or do they get nervous when you start asking questions?
If you get that “deer in the headlights” look from the sales person, please give me a call or send an email. I and my team have been doing the right things in the flooring business for years and we’re ready to work with you.

All the best,


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