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Hardwood flooring with a 50 year warranty from Invincible, Carpet One or Bella, Lumber Liquidators, Home Depot?

Armstrong Invincible Hardwood Flooring – A 50 year warranty that really shines.

Well, I’m not going to open myself up to legal scrutiny, but I will take some time here to elaborate on what makes a truly great 50-year warranty for hardwood flooring… and why Invincible by Armstrong is worth a look.
This is not a 50-year warranty where we take a manufacturer’s 25 years and add our own, knowing full well that no one will pursue it down the line. That is not our style. No, Invincible has a 50-year warranty directly from Armstrong on a product you can only get here… nowhere else. And Invincible is priced amazingly well! 
Email or call for more information on Invincible hardwood flooring – 703-370-0000

What does the Armstrong Invincible hardwood flooring warranty look like?

120 Day
structural integrity
Of Floor

Here are the styles of Invincible:
Invincible 50-Year Wood Style Cordell – Solid Oak strip/plank – 2 1/4″,  3 1/4″,   4″,  & 5″
Invincible 50-Year Wood Style Caldwell Plank – Engineered Oak 3″ & 5″
Invincible 50-Year Wood Style Allendale – Solid Oak 5/16″ thick
Invincible 50-Year Wood Style Pavilion – Smooth-faced Engineered of various species – 3″ & 5″
Invincible 50-Year Wood Style Prosperity Plank – Color-washed engineered, various species in 3 and 5″
Invincible 50-Year Wood Style Tillman – Solid Maple strip/plank – 2 1/4″,  3 1/4″,  4″ & 5″

Invincible hardwood flooring washington dc alexandria nova 50 year warranty

Invincible hardwood flooring is so new, we’re the first to get the display, so I’ll be updating this post as information arrives.
Email or call for more information 703-370-0000

All the best,


Chris Moline LEED AP author of The Social Media Equation

Chris Moline, LEED AP

HERE ARE OUR Carpet One Hardwood Warranties

120 day beautiful guarantee 30 year wear warranty Life of the floor installation warranty. Invincible is in this category but gives you 50 years of wear warranty.

90 day beautiful guarantee
25 year wear warranty
Life of the floor installation warranty

60 day beautiful guarantee
20 year wear warranty
Life of the floor installation warranty

30 day customer satisfaction warranty (materials replacement)
15 year wear warranty
Life of the floor installation warranty

15 day customer satisfaction warranty — (materials replacement)
10 year wear warranty
Life of the floor installation warranty

Social media and the retail flooring business

I’ve been involved with social media since the early days and have nearly 15 years of experience using the internet for business.
Thanks to Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC for short), I started college late and once I graduated there was no time to waste… I’d just gotten married.
In my effort to secure a BA in journalism from the University of Maryland, I found myself surrounded by guys younger and more tech-adept than I.
But we got along great and since the Usenet groups and ezines in their earliest forms were what I cut my teeth on.
It was this early access to emerging tech that proved the biggest assett as I grew my flooring business and eventually was able to sell it.
Frankly, the flooring industry is behind in using social media and many websites still look like ads… silent, still ads.

If you have a retail flooring business and need help, send an email and we can talk.
Some of the things I do are so effective, I’m just not going to share them with some folks.
But, odds are you’re not one of them 🙂

All the best,


Using Skype video for a virtual flooring showroom tour and product selection

I’m embedding a video from YouTube here and… I’ll apologize… it’s sideways, but you’ll get the concept.
I took my trusty laptop and used an external USB webcam to Skype my wife at home.
She’s looking to re-do the flooring in our laundry and furnace rooms (I don’t ask why, I just do:)
Instead of having her come all the way to my office and Alexandria showroom, I asked if she’d be open to video conferencing with Skype video.
Since she’s quite cool and tech-savvy, she said, “Yes!”

The images were nice a clear and she was able to narrow down to three of thousands of selections.
When all was said and done, I asked her if she liked the process.
What was the verdict?
She absolutely LOVED it.

I hope more clients will as well, because we’re sprinting into the 21st century and having a blast 🙂

All the best,


Using technology in our retail flooring business to be the best for our clients

I just got a fantastic new toy for my showroom… but it’s not mine!
Actually, it’s for our clients to use and it’s a fun one – a touch-screen, beautiful HP TouchSmart pc with fantastic information on natural wool fiber.
Talk about a cool tool for business.

image of two computers for customer use in retail showroom in dc area alexandria carpet one
There are times when my sales staff are maxed out and we have too many clients in the showroom (well, there’s no such thing as too many) and this gives them some time to do some self-learning. It’s also a good tool for my team to brush up on their knowledge.
With instant access to information, we use every tool possible to stay on top of our game and this is just one more example of how we do it.
Another toy I’ve had for some time is a similiar pc (but not a touch screen) that I use to loop informative videos.
One specific example is the Mohawk “Ricko the Rhino Challenge” with Sorona / SmartStrand fiber.
Since that video has been “looping” our sales of this unique fiber have gone through the roof.

Think about it.

Don’t you ever feel over-accessed by radio, tv, smartphones, email, etc…?
This looping video has provided my team with the repetition necessary to truly understand at least one line of product.
I’ve even started inter-mixing other lines and have heard the showroom chatter change with it.

Using looped video in our retail showroom to educate customers… and staff!

The above image is a shot of a table in the showroom with a loop of the Ricko video. It’s got movement and catches attention.

The computer is all-in-one with no tower and the DVD is inserted into the side. It’s a very low-profile pc and has internal wifi so you can have internet access easily without cables.
It’s easily been the best tool yet for me to get a message across to my over-informed staff.
Since setting this up, our Sorona sales have sky-rocketed…

Hope this helps,


Wanted – Large, Worldwide Flooring Business Looking for Social-Media Adept Suppliers To Do Business With

We do business all over the world.
We also do a significant amount of business (in the tens of millions) locally in the DC-Metro area.
Why do suppliers have such a hard time adopting the use of technology for communicating with me given what’s at stake?
When I say “Follow me on Twitter – @LEEDTHEWAY or @WEBMINDSET” and you can keep track of what interests I have and what I’m working on, I get blank stares.
Well, amigos, this has to stop if you want to do serious business from here on out. I live online and my team has an unparalleled track record of success when it comes to getting and, most importantly, closing online leads.
So, if you work with Armstrong, Shaw, Mohawk Industries, Mannington, Anderson, US Floors (they actually get it), StainMaster, etc… let’s connect online and I’ll walk you through the process.