Best Christmas/holiday gift for your wife?

What’s the best holiday, Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift you can get your wife? It’s not a diamond, my friend… it’s a home improvement project and the studies have proven that beyond a doubt.
That said, what could be better than a fantastic new floor, runner, or custom rug!

best gift for my wife
Actually, this is not marketing, it’s one married man’s attempt to save you some cash and a headache. Just ask your wife if she’d like a heated floor in her bathroom or some diamond earrings and see what she says.
If she opts for diamonds, I can’t help.
But if she wants a fantastic, warm tile floor, a Karastan area rug or carpet for your living room, master suite or den, or one of the amazingly-beautiful wool remnants I just had delivered (and cost less than a quality nylong) just click here!
Buy her the comfort of warm feet during an early-morning or late-night trip to the bathroom, you’ll be a hero EVERY TIME she steps into the room.
I know what I’m talking about because I reap the rewards of a heated bathroom and sunroom floor every winter day… and I absolutely love being a hero.
So, friend, if you’re still scratching your head it’s time to stop and send me an email, especially if you live in or near Washington DC.

I have thousands of square feet of amazing, beautiful and fashionable wool carpets that can be made into runners, area rugs or wall-to-wall installations. Go ahead, put your “holiday hero” suit on and knock her socks off!

All the best,


Arlington VA Flooring Contractor 22209

Christopher Moline, LEED AP

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