Karastan Carpet new styles and fashion in Alexandria, Arlington, Northern Virginia & Washington DC

I’ve just returned from a private Karastan event in Colorado Springs with rolls of woven wool carpets, area rugs and the latest wall-to-wall (broadloom) styles from Karastan’s designers.
Here is the link to our online catalogue.
Here is the list of new tufted styles:
Karastan style: Boston Common – Colors: Plaid Chic, Ancient Passage, Inviting Glamour
Chic Luxury – Grande Renaissance, Kenwood, Villanova
Newport Grande – Latigo Shores, Mooncrest, Personal Luxury
Elegance – Fine Vision, Modern Masterpiece, Delicacy
South Tide – Grand Canal, Rustic Elements, Surf City
Seaside Romance – Luxury Getaway, Dream Trip, Exclusive Resort
Summer Mist – Tidelands, Ocean Road, Cape Otway
Coastal Beauty – Palm Haven, Shore Club, Coconut Grove
Libertine – Sumptuous Hand, Delightful Memories, Imperial Comfort
McKenna – Eclectic Touch, Smart Mix, Plaza Station
Beachfront Estate
Distant Shore
Exotic Charm
And here is the list of Karastan’s latest introductions in their woven line:
Pointelle – Metro Weave
Wool Crochet – Woolscape
Lino – Linen Reflections
Variegato – Stria Expressions
Rivero – Roschfield
Savion – Fiorello
Cobble Bay – Stone Path
Cobble Ridge – Stone Hill
Cobble Shore – Stoney Brook

If you happen to visit our remnant room in Alexandria before the stock rolls of fabulous wools I just purchased are gone, you’ll get fantastic deals on Grosvenor, Chalkstripe, Chelsea and Johansen.

All the best,


Chris Moline LEED AP author of The Social Media Equation

Chris Moline, LEED AP

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