Physical Therapist in Bowie, MD 20715

Why is there a post about a physical therapy practice (Premiere Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation) in Bowie and Crofton, MD on a flooring blog site?

… Because this one is owned by our manager’s wife, Sharon Moline, PT, and to say he’s proud of her would be an understatement. For over 20 years, Sharon has been practicing physical therapy in the DC Metro area at places like Johns Hopkins, St. Joseph’s, PG Community Hospital and her own practice.

Here is a link to the Premiere Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation blog: Premiere PT


You can also call Premiere Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation at 301-675-3760 or email

Chris Moline LEED AP author of The Social Media Equation

Chris Moline, LEED AP - husband of the area's premiere physical therapist - Sharon Moline, PT

2 responses to “Physical Therapist in Bowie, MD 20715

  1. Physical therapy in Bowie, in our zip code of 20715. Nicely done 🙂

  2. I applaud this post.

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