Bathroom Blogfest “Stuck in the 60s” inspired by Mad Men… This will be fun!

Heard of the “Bathroom Blogfest”? Well, thanks to Christine B. Whittemore, you’re reading a bit about it right now (thanks CB).
According to Christine, “This year’s theme “Stuck in the 60s?” is inspired by Mad Men, the show that has captured the imaginations of many for its portrayal of life in the 60s when social and cultural taboos meant that many critical aspects of life – like bathrooms – were ignored, glossed over and treated dreadfully.”
What’s my take?

bathroom blogfest

Well, it’s often been said in design that “what’s old is new.” I’d like to give that one a makeover…
“What’s old is new, but sometimes, it just plain sucks and needs to go!”
Think about it.
Who doesn’t want a bigger, more well-lit bathroom? I haven’t met anyone yet who prefers a closet-sized loo with a tiny, powder-blue tub and water-wasting toilet.
When it comes to a retrofit, have you ever have someone stuck in the past redo a room, then you learn about a fantastic option you could have had… say, heated floor with 7-day programmable thermostat like mine :)… but it’s too late now that an out-of-date point of view was steering the design truck?!
Or, what about your glass block throwback and baby-blue tile that be would in-style, sort of, if only it had x or y product or installation method/tile size/pattern?
How about a sustainable “green” retrofit?
Dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucets and shower heads, low-energy lighting… all of which would have gotten you laughed at in some showrooms years ago… are now top-of-mind and show forward-thinking. They also add value to your home, much more than, say, a wall sink with rusty steel legs and exposed trap, perhaps?

All the best,


Chris Moline, LEED AP

5 responses to “Bathroom Blogfest “Stuck in the 60s” inspired by Mad Men… This will be fun!

  1. Chris, you are absolutely marvelous and have made your case impeccably for banishing the 60s! Thanks very much.

    Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2010!


  2. The number of options you list for improvements is impressive! Who wants to back to the 60’s?

  3. Are you seriously saying it’s “green” to gut a functional bathroom for something “bigger” “with heated floors” etc. Low-flow shower heads, a new toilet, better lighting — and yes, shiny chrome sink legs — these are improvements that can be made without gutting a perfectly functional bathroom that, in the case of a midcentury home, likely has an aesthetic consistent with the rest of the house. Also, a big bathroom renovation, on average, WILL NOT return you 100%… it will not “add value” in that sense. I think a better investment, for midcentury homeowners with charming vintage bathrooms, is to maintain them — “original features” are increasingly in demand.

    • Absolutely.
      I’m green to a certain point, but if I dislike the decor in my home… it will go away, but most likely to a recycler or re-seller of used goods.
      Also, newer toilets, shower heads, faucets, are always more eco-friendly in the long-run.

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