Our buddy “Blondie” the 195 lb Rottweiler comes to the office for a Friday “Big Dog” visit

Every time Arianna brings him in, we all have fun with this big guy.

If you want to know how a floor will hold up to a big dog… a really big dog, just ask Arianna or any of our gang and we’ll be happy to help. I’ve got a 75-lb German Shepherd and many different types of flooring in my home, all of which perform differently “under paw.”
The cork in the kitchen and sunroom really hides spots and takes a beating. The newly-refinished oak in my living room does well as long as I keep area rugs around to absorb the “Scooby” effect when my pup takes a corner fast.
The laminate in my Florida room has never shown a sign of an issue.

But, I say this because I’ve chosen each floor very carefully, knowing how I, my wife, three very active kids, and our big pup live.
All choices reflect a higher-end level of quality combined with some pattern to mask wear and spots.

It’s worked out very well.

All the best,


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