Hey Chris, Mr. Green Floor Guy, what’s your favorite floor?

I get asked this question repeatedly and I have one answer.
Whatever my wife likes!
Just kidding… I always say, “Depends on where it’s going and how old my kids/dog are at the time.”
Because it’s true.
There is no “perfect floor” because there is no perfect situation.
There is, however, a perfect dog, but that’s a discussion for another time πŸ™‚

The right flooring professional will spend more time listening to you describe your lifestyle, previous experience and preferences before even thinking about recommending a floor.
Unless it’s the end of the month and their shy of hitting their number, in which case, you may wind up getting a stock deal or special buy crammed down your throat.
But that won’t happen in my showroom… because if it does, I’ll hear about it and that will be the end of that.
So, before you go floor shopping, think about how you live in your home.
Do you have pets?
If so, what kind and are they active or lap-dwellers.
Do you take off your shoes when you come inside or do you want a floor that doesn’t care about that (but I really recommend taking your shoes off.)
Do you want a floor that will hide the “everyday” spots and smudges until you get around to them?
If so, stay away from solid, light tones… as a former Marine, I’m still fond of camoflauge for that reason.
Do you stand a lot (as in your kitchen) and want a comfortable floor?
If so, I recommend cork or a cushion-back resilient piece.
I have cork in my kitchen and sunroom and absolutely love it.
It also hides a wealth of spots until we can get around to them.
And with three active kids, a German Shepherd, and a stupid cat… I mean, a cat, it may take some time to get to a spot or smudge.
Have you ever experience the sheer joy of stepping onto a heated floor barefoot?
Oh, I’m going to break my own rule and say that could possibly be the perfect floor… πŸ™‚
Do you see where I’m going with this?
If you’re near the Washington DC-metro area, stop in, call, FaceTime, Skype video, or email and we can talk about what would make a floor perfect for you… because that’s what really counts.

All the best,


Chris Moline, LEED AP, Residential Group Manager for Commercial Carpets of America

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