Using Twitter for a green flooring business

Twitter is one of my favorite social media tools.
As a journalist (University of Maryland College of Journalism ’95) I love it when people get to the point.
A 140-character limit makes that a necessity.
And in a world full of greenwashing and marketing blah, I can tell exactly who’s teaching and spreading good information vs. who is spreading “manure.”
When I tweet, I try to quote someone worthy of quoting, or include a link to something useful. Followers will only stand for useless information for a short time.
Think about it, when I sift through the tweets of people who follow me on Twitter (here is a link) I can tell who I want to “consume” and who I want to block.
“Consuming tweets” is tech lingo for digesting them… I mean, actually reading them, num, num, num!
I maintain lists of Twitter users who routinely spam the forum, and Twitter pays attention to that list. In fact, I’ve added spammers and watched as their accounts were then suspended. Not that I’m proud of that, but, well, heck yeah!
Here’s an example of pure crap on Twitter:
Username @BuyAccounts
Description – ready made Twitter accounts with as many as 1,000 followers for as little as $6.
So, tell me, does this sound “social” to you?
So why would a user like this follow 1900 and have only 650 followers?
Beats me.
So, if you’ve set up a Twitter account for your business and aren’t seeing things move along as fast as you’d thought, maybe it’s because you’re boring (online).

I can help.

All the best,


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