How To Use Social Media For Your Retail Flooring/Carpet Business

…and not waste time or money!
Besides making your business and yourself interesting, which is of paramount importance, social media should be viewed as an extension of your personality not directly linked to sales. Use it to create a community around your brand or location/services.
That, in a nutshell, is my way of establishing expectations for this post.
I’ve spoken with hundreds of flooring business owners and it’s clear this message needs to be understood or many will miss out on a major aspect of using the web for business.
Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Twitter, blogs, MySpace, Google Buzz… none of them are to be viewed in the same light as display ads, radio, billboards.

Sure, there are advanced tools to measure ROI of social networking, but if the actual concept of social media isn’t firmly in your grasp, these tools won’t work.
In fact, they’ll probably do more harm than good.
Think about it – have you ever gone to a networking meeting and had someone come in cold and try to put a sell on you?
It’s just not the way things are done.
So, here’s how it works.
First, you look for commonality so you can establish rapport.
  Do you know someone who seems to have something in common with just about everybody? Are they lonely? Probably not. And the same is true online if they translate that personality.
Do I have your attention?
More to come in a few hours after I get out of this meeting.



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