Stainmaster Carpet Dealer Sales in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland

Stainmaster carpet sales and installation in Northern Virginia/DC-metro area.
One of the things to consider when making a flooring decision is performance.
Style and color are top motivators, but what good is a floor if it doesn’t last?
I’ll tell you a personal experience involving my parents’ carpet that changed my perception (for the good) of Stainmaster carpet and its quality.

I started in the flooring business nearly fifteen years ago, and I was very price-focused. After a few years in the business, my mother came to me to replace the carpet in the living room of the home where I was raised. A Mohawk sales rep had just given me a sample board of a higher-end Stainmaster piece that I would not have normally presented.
But my mom saw the board in my office and said she wanted to see it.
Mom was right.
11 years later, and properly cleaned professionally, the carpet looks fantastic!
I learned my lesson about quality and investment. Within a few years after seeing that carpet perform, I have raised my sites and have many hundreds of satisfied clients who are also repeat buyers for other rooms or other homes… and the referrals are fantastic!

All the best,


about Chris Moline, LEED AP

Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

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