Nafco Permastone flooring in DC, Alexandria/Arlington VA, Maryland – A Consumer Reports “CR Best Buy”

Nafco’s “Permastone” luxury vinyl tile line is a Consumer Reports “CR Best Buy” and I’ve not had one complaint from a client in years on this quality product.

nafco flooring permastone consumer reports best buy - virginia, dc, maryland, alexandria, arlington

Bombay, above, is one of the following lines of Permastone:

    • Bombay  
      • Rose Rock Bombay - Rose Rock
      • Lunar Dusk Bombay - Lunar Dusk
      • Clouded Ebony Bombay - Clouded Ebony
      • Golden Rust Bombay - Golden Rust
  • Biscayne
    • Tanned Leather Biscayne - Tanned Leather
      • Raw Linen Biscayne - Raw Linen
    • Glaze 
      • Wheat Glaze - Wheat
      • Camel Glaze - Camel
  • Natural Slate
      • Sand Stone Natural Slate - Sand Stone
      • Prairie Stone Natural Slate - Prairie Stone
  • Tumbled Marble
      • Ivory Tumbled Marble - Ivory
      • Pewter Tumbled Marble - Pewter
      • Gray Stone Tumbled Marble - Gray Stone
  • GemStone
      • Jasper GemStone - Jasper
      • Pearl GemStone - Pearl
  • Washed Travertine
      • Cashew Washed Travertine - Cashew
    • Indian Slate Dune Indian Slate - Dune
      • Sunset Gold Indian Slate - Sunset Gold
        Verde Indian Slate - Verde
        Canyon Indian Slate - Canyon
      • Travertine
        Sundance Travertine - Sundance
        Cashmere Travertine - Cashmere
        Caramel Travertine - Caramel
        Weathered Beach Travertine - Weathered BeachLimestone
        Bark Limestone - Bark
        Magma Limestone - Magma
        Chestnut Limestone - Chestnut
        Biscotti Limestone - Biscotti

        Modern Slate
        Aspen Modern Slate -Aspen
        Charcoal Modern Slate - Charcoal
        Bisque Modern Slate - Bisquw

        Leather Firenze - Leather
        Olive Firenze - Olive
        Antique White Firenze - Antique White
        Sand Firenze - Sand

about Chris Moline, LEED AP

Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

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