Most durable hardwood floors – Alexandria, VA, Washington DC & Maryland

The most durable hardwood flooring available is…

That was a trick (but don’t get upset because I’m going to give you some very valuable information).
Why is it tricky to label any hardwood flooring as “the most durable”?
It depends on the end-use and what the end-user is willing to do to maintain the floor.
My vote for the most eco-friendly durable floor wood be a naturally-oiled oak. You can maintain it yourself and unlike polyurethane, you can touch up small areas. Also, oil penetrates, unlike polyurethane which sits on top of the wood.

I’m going to add to this post every week, so bookmark it and check back.
Upcoming additions to this post will be:
Engineered vs. Solid – which is more durable?
Janka hardness rating – does “hardness” mean durable?
And more…

Chris is a LEED AP and our Residential Group Manager.

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