LEED AP contributes to Washington Post article on energy wasters in DC area retail

“Close the door!”
I can still hear it, ringing in my ears.
Although my father doesn’t have to tell me that anymore, I’m sure my kids hear it when they visit.
He was always energy-conscious, and we had a compost pile and recycling bins nearly 40 years ago.
Maybe that’s why seeing retail stores with exterior doors irked me so badly… especially when temperatures ranged from 90-102 with heat indices over 105.
Or maybe it’s because I am now a US Green Building Council LEED AP and I live for going green.
Add to that, I am a former Marine with a heart for national security through energy independence.
Here is a link to the Washington Post piece by Leslie Tamura.
If this has piqued your curiousity, check out the YouTube video she references below.

I asked various local business questions while holding my BlackBerry Curve in plain sight to record the reasons as a teaching tool.
I made the video out of frustration and it really got some results!
Now all I have to do is email some friends at the USGBC and we’ll watch it go viral… wish I’d spent time editing it!
All the best,


LEED AP green flooring professional in Northern Virgina and DC Metro area

Christopher Moline, LEED AP

One response to “LEED AP contributes to Washington Post article on energy wasters in DC area retail

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