From green floors to a green workout that produces electricity

Check out the following video showcasing’s new system to produce power while working out. As a LEED AP, it’s apparent that the USGBC will surely give this weight in the LEED rating system.

For the greenest home gym, go for green flooring, low- or no-voc paint, and lots of natural light.
Consider recycled rubber flooring, or cork for a quiet, comfortable floor.

Here is how I’d envision the ReRev system integrated into a LEED-oriented project:
First – I love the concept and want one for my home. It’s that simple.
Now, on to LEED.
There are various rating systems:
              New Construction
              Commercial Interiors
              Existing Building
              Core & Shell


Copywrite 2009 Chris Moline, LEED AP

Each ratings system has 6 main categories with points in each –
SS = Sustainable Sites
WE = Water Efficiency
EA = Energy & Atmosphere
MR = Materials & Resources
EQ = Indoor Environmental Quality
ID = Innovation in Design

At first blush, I can say credits under the SS or ID categories (Sustainable Sites or Innovation in Design) that reward a project for onsite renewable energy either through PV, wind, hydro or, in this case… gym power, would be points for focus.
Each project is unique and credits are awarded on a case-by-case basis relative to the overall project scope… in this case again, this would be percentage of power generated. A key point to remember is there are no LEED-approved or LEED-endorsed products. It’s the effect, output or makeup of a product that gets considered.
I’m sure we could all agree that this maintains impartiality for the USGBC and keeps it “real” as it were.
That said, I’ve got to stress that someone could submit a proposed credit using this system that would combine an onsite workout facility, an education plan and onsite renewable energy and get consideration.
LEED is incredibly complex, but if you are planning on aiming for the precious metal of a LEED-certified project, this is something worth looking into.

Go green, stay green!

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One response to “From green floors to a green workout that produces electricity

  1. That is so cool i would definitely want that!

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