Stone Skin – a revolution in tile

Wondering where or how to buy Stone Skin peel-and-stick tile for your backsplash, accent wall, shower, or other area of your home or office?
Order from us.
With Stone Skin you can install tile on top of tile… or almost any other surface. We can ship anywhere… so stop and order from us!
Stone Skin offers you the ease of DIY installation without the mess and expense of thinset/mortar.
Murals, accessories and borders coordinate with the entire line. N
o more hassle and waste of removing existing tile.
Email for a quote and we can ship directly to you with no additional cost.

Anyone can install peel-and-stick stone tiles for a truly custom look.
Bring the beauty of natural stone to your home!

Click here to email for more information.

By using the coordinating accessories, listelli, pencils and liners, you can get professional results easily.

More news as we get it in from this amazing line.

Click here to email for more information. We can ship StoneSkin right to your home.

Chris is our Residential Group Manager & US Green Building Council LEED AP


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4 responses to “Stone Skin – a revolution in tile

  1. Such a imagine tile i think your choice is so nice…

  2. I saw the possibilities with this last year and glad to see it coming to market. Intuitevely it just makes sense!

  3. This tile looks so cool!

  4. man this tile really grabbed my attention

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