Tigressa – Soft Style, the softer, stronger carpet fiber

tigress soft style carpet fiber carpet one cca flooring america tigressa northern virginia

Tigressa carpet (and we have it here in the DC Metro-Alexandria area) is the newest of soft fibers are taking over the carpet segment of the flooring industry. I see the demand for soft fiber every day in my showroom and we’ve tailored our offerings to reflect the desires of our clients with measurable success in many ways. In fact, I’ve replaced flooring in the showroom to showcase the softest, most advanced fibers available.
Now I can’t wait to get my paws on Tigressa!
So, what makes Tigressa carpet tick? There are actually twice the number of fibers per square inch compared to standard nylon carpet.

“The key to Tigressa’s strength is a type of nylon that holds the twist better and longer, which allows the carpet to hold its new appearance much longer than other carpets.” explains Charlie Dilks of Carpet One. “Tigressa’s soft feel means our customers no longer have to choose between soft and strong.”

More information coming on this exciting new fiber available exclusively from Carpet One.

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Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

11 responses to “Tigressa – Soft Style, the softer, stronger carpet fiber

  1. We’ll have our display in soon. After seeing this product at the Carpet One winter convention, I can tell you it’ll be a hit!

  2. It is coming soon, also looking forward to see it.

  3. i cant wait to come and check it out!

  4. Tigressa Carpet is Tigressa Carpet and I hope these keywords help in the Google search for Tigressa Carpet !

  5. This is interesting!

  6. I punched in Tigressa Carpet and your blog was number one. All of your Tigressa’s worked. Good luck.

  7. By now you should be hearing the ROAR! This is the softest and most durable carpet product ever. Congratulations and thanks for the support!

  8. Question should you be able to see seam where carpet is bonded together if you have very high fiber count talking about Tigresses. Should you have to wait for it to bloom.?

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