Shop at home carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile, pergo, laminate – Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland.

Shop At Home Flooring Service. Serving the DC metro area for nearly 40 years.

We've Got Your Floor... At Your Door!
Shop at home flooring service in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland

Hi, I’m Chris. Are you interested in a Shop-At-Home appointment for your flooring? If you have a pretty good idea as to what you are looking for, we can bring samples within that range to your home. The convenience can’t be beat because our Shop at Home service brings the showroom to your home!
Email me and we’ll get you on your way to a very user-friendly experience.

Working around your schedule, we will help you match samples to your room, lighting and style.

In fact, color is crucial in making a flooring decision and, more often than not, the decision is not final until the samples are seen in-home, where lighting is as it will be and existing furnishings can be matched more exactly.
The business I had for over 10 years was built on the shop-at-home principle and it helped my customers save time and ensure they’re making the right choice by making it in the area where their new flooring will be installed.
If you think you may be interested in an appointment, give us a call or send me an email to set one up.
All the best!

Chris Moline
Residential Group Manager

3 responses to “Shop at home carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile, pergo, laminate – Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland.

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