Why use a CFI installer for your project?

Well, if you are considering wool carpet, you have even more reason. Read the following from Wools of New Zealand:

One of consumer’s primary concerns when purchasing carpet is the installation process. And for good reason. A qualified installer can extend a pleasant carpet purchase into a successful installation with expert measuring, seam placement and pattern alignment.
Because wool lends itself to more intricate patterns and textures, a higher degree of skill is required for most installations.

To protect the image of your store, Wools of New Zealand recommends the use of a certified Master Installer from the International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI).

This non-profit organization certifies installers according to individual skills. By passing rigorous written and hands-on testing, installers can qualify for the following levels of certification:
Residential I– Lightweight base-grade, tufted carpet
Residential II – Berber, dense-cut pile, patterned carpet
Commercial I– Lightweight, base-grade
Commercial II – Double Glue Installations, patterns
Master Installer – Excels in Residential II and Commercial II skills.
CFI Master Installers have at least seven years experience and are skilled in the seaming and hand-sewing of sisal, woven and specialty carpets.”
Wools of New Zealand encourages its retailers to get their local installers certified and we have done just that. After 37 years in business, you can count on us and our certified Master Installers to get your project installed properly and professionally. And we guarantee it!

Now that we’ve established that, here is a link to some fun facts about sheep:

Sheep Facts
For all questions about wool carpet and its eco-friendly qualities, feel free to call or send an email.

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One response to “Why use a CFI installer for your project?

  1. CFI installers definately should be used! They are a great help

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