Beautiful flooring options for your home

by Chris Moline, LEED AP

As with art, some homes can make you stop in your tracks… even gasp. And there is an entire industry based on giving you just that look for your home… just ask Martha Stewart. But how do you describe the look you want if you are dealing with someone who has no concept of style or even seems to be focused solely on performance?

The answer? Speak up and don’t waste your time with someone who may not be concerned with your wants, or be able to see a perspective other than their own. In our showroom, we have many different experience levels and senses of style reflected in our people. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable, be gracious and ask the manager to step in, unless you get the perfect sales person who realizes it first and offers to direct you towards someone with a vision more in-line with yours. It’s more than “ok,” it’s the best way, and it happens from time to time with my team.

The manager should know the people on the floor well enough to discern who will work best with whom. If you can answer a few questions, you can make sure you get just the right service. And it will only make your shopping experience more pleasant.

If you are not getting this kind of service, call or email me. It’s what we do here, and it’s our pleasure.


Now, here are some pictures of beautiful homes we’ve had the pleasure of working in.
beautiful-tile-in-kitchen picture1pic_1113


My own sunroom with cork flooring installed over radiant subfloor heat.


Stunning treads, white risers and railing.

One response to “Beautiful flooring options for your home

  1. these places look so amazing!

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