Lomax carpet backing: An eco-friendly choice

Using natural methane gas to power the backing process.How-Lomax-Works

With the help of Lomax Technology from the Dow Chemical Company, Mohawk is the first manufacturer in residential carpeting to use renewable energy in producing latex backings for all Mohawk SmartStrand and SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet.

It all starts in a Dalton, Georgia, landfill, where a surprising solution is found in an unexpected place.

The decomposition of solid waste inside the landfill creates bacteria which in turn generates 50% methane, 50% carbon dioxide gas. A system of pipes and blowers will collect the gas and then direct it to a central location.

This landfill gas, which was an otherwise unusable pile of waste, has now become a renewable energy source. It will replace the natural gas, precious fossil fuels, that were previously powering the plant used to make the latex backing for Mohawk carpet.

Now in addition to the creation of an eco-friendly carpet with beauty and durability, Lomax Technology has developed an equally environmentally-sound creation process to match.


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