LEED & Entrance Mats

LEED Commercial Interiors (CI) EQ 5 – Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source control –  specifically addresses the need for walkoff mats at all exterior entry points to the tenant space. These mats serve to clean off shoes to prevent tracking outside contaminants into the space. They also preserve the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse that would otherwise shorten the floor’s useable life.

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mat length graphic

2 responses to “LEED & Entrance Mats

  1. LEED EB specifies 10′ minumum, however 20′ is best as noted. t should also be noted that mat manufactuerers are producing mats with recycled content many with PET fabric faces and 20% recycled car tire backings. Although not LEED requirements they are certainly more environmentally friendlier.

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