Just how hard is strand bamboo?

Want to hear an installer swear?


Just how hard is bamboo?
I get asked this all the time.
But there is more to it.
Here I’ve chosen to highlight strand bamboo, the hardest configuration in bamboo for flooring.
In fact, that’s why we glue it down.
Nails won’t go… they just surrender because it is so hard.

Nails and strand bamboo... nails win!

What’s more, our crews need to change blades during larger installations (and use only carbide-tipped blades) and have a generally hard go at it when working with this amazingly-durable material.
The image above really shows it so I don’t need to write much…

Even natural bamboo is harder than red oak on the Janka hardness scale, but this just takes the cake. There are a few green things about a more-durable floor, namely life-cycle costs
If you’d like to learn more about Janka, bamboo, renewable resources in flooring, or anything flooring-related, just email or comment on this post.

I stock bamboo and you can buy it from us and take it home to install yourself (we’ll guide you if you believe you are up to it), or we can do it for you and back it with nearly 40 years’ experience. Just call 703-370-0000 and ask for Chris or email me directly.

All the best,

about Chris Moline, LEED AP

Chris is our Residential Group Manager & a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

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5 responses to “Just how hard is strand bamboo?

  1. Thanks!
    I’m doing a project in technology class,
    and we have to build a house representing the ones in the children’s story “The Three Little Pigs”
    Because of this article, I have decided to make my 6′ by 6′ house out of bamboo skewers instead of toothpicks and popsicle sticks.

  2. Yes it’s no longer a secret that bamboo is famous for its durability. As for flooring the hardest of all bamboo flooring types is the strand bamboo flooring . It is also elegant and fashionable.

  3. According to Teragren’s website their stranded bamboo is 154% harder than oak. Which puts it up around 3375 psi on the janka scale. That is pretty hard and I see why your nails are doing what they are doing. But like you said since the floor is 1/2″ thick on the Teragren synergy product you can do a glue down installation.

  4. Bamboo looks interesting. The picture with the nails is worth a thousand words.

  5. I just ran across this old post while doing a search. I never knew the reason why it’s recommended not to use nails for installation.

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