A Peek At Courtney’s Portfolio

Courtney Ward
Designer Sales

There is so much more to Courtney’s portfolio, but we have to start somewhere!
Courtney Ward has been on our team for over 9 years and has a loyal client base relying on her expertise in finding the right style floor to go with their project. She was even featured on HGTV’s “I Want That” program, along with designer Craig Henson. She was recently featured on another HGTV segment walking us through a DIY laminate job.

During her time with us, she has worked with many clients in every conceivable facet of flooring – from design conceptualizing to fine-tuning once a product has been chosen.

Here are some images from just a few of her hundreds of projects:

Stunning Karastan wool in master suite.
Stunning Karastan wool in master suite.
The style is “Marie Antoinette.”


Beautiful tile in an upscale kitchen.

Closeup showing Courtney's design work with custom tile.
Closeup of Courtney’s custom-designed layout.

Another closeup showing Courtney’s design
work with custom tile.

And here is a nice area rug on and berber combo
in a local living room…

There are hundreds more examples and we will be adding to this post over time.
In the meantime, give Courtney a call at 703-370-0000 or send her an email
Courtney – CWard@CarpetCCA.com

Arlington VA Flooring Contractor 22209
Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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  1. very good information good job

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