Black & White Checkerboard Floor Design at the Carolina Inn

It’s a design that never goes out of style – the black-and-white checkerboard floor. This one had to make it here as a classy design using commercial vinyl composition floor tile with a glossy topcoat.
This job was done for the Carolina Inn at UNC, using 12″ x 12″ vinyl composition tile, in 2-foot squares, with commercial polish. It requires daily maintenance, but the end-result is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, stunning.
If you’ve been to the West Wing of the White House, you also have seen the marble in the same format. In fact, information on black and white checkerboard floor designs is one of the most common requests we receive on-line.
We have many ways to accomplish this look, depending on the end-use, all of which can give you the beautiful, eye-catching look you’re looking for.
Email Chris for details and we’ll work with you.

Here is an image of Rudyard Kipling’s home with a bit of variation on the checkerboard pattern:

And we just finished this example of truly custom work in the George Washington Memorial outside DC in Alexandria, Virginia:
Before we completed the project, I wrote some notes in this blog – “Here is the finished insert that will be installed later this week with a 2-foot wide black border.
It will be installed over synthetic pad inset into a field of royal blue. The room is in a world-famous landmark located just outside Washington DC.
This posed a special challenge as each square is a separate 12″ x 12″ piece of broadloom carpet.  Our CRI Master II installer, Cody Morgan and his equally-talented brother, Chris, spent days fabricating this challenging piece.”

black and white checkerboard flooring custom rug installation

Here is how a brief rundown of how they went about it:
First, they seamed together 12″ wide strips in an alternating pattern. A special microwave seaming iron called “Kool Glide” made all the difference in this extremely-demanding case because it allows the mechanic a perfect view of the entire process.

After this step, he cut 12″ wide strips length-wise, leaving him with long shots of alternating 12″ x 12″ squares attached.
Then, and very carefully, he assembled them into the finished product you see above.

Keep reading to see a shot from the actual job site. We will have a professional photographer follow up with some very nice images for you to see. Also, following is a copy of our CAD-generated plan for the end-user:

The above drawing by Kamran Bullock, one of our professional field estimators, is just one more example of the attention to detail we give our clients. During the installation process, the job-site is visited by one of our field service supervisors who are tasked with inspecting each project as it progresses. After nearly 40 years in business, we’ll have it no other way, and neither should you.
And here is the final installation:

checkerboard floor design

For your next flooring project, send me an email or call us (703) 370-0000… as many thousands of clients have, you’ll be glad you did!
All the best,

Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
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9 responses to “Black & White Checkerboard Floor Design at the Carolina Inn

  1. Eleanor Ploshay

    Love the floor at the Carolina Inn, where can I get it! Pure black and white, perfect. And glossy top coat! Please advise.

  2. Rose Skolnick

    Love the black and white with the glossy finish, Chris! I live in Brookline, MA, how can I get it?

  3. this floor looks amazing! How did it get such a shine?

  4. This is stunning. But the rug seems a bit difficult to make. why didn’t they go with a tile like the one at the start of the post?

  5. hey guys im new to hope to learn new things from you guys and help out 🙂

  6. Good info. Please send an email withyour contact information and let me know about shipping to different states.
    I can install some things myself. Thanks

  7. Would like to purchase a 8 X 9 Feet with black & white squares commercial vinyl composition floor tile with a glossy topcoat. It is for our Masonic lodge. Is that possible?
    Bill Price, PM
    305 Avondale Drive, Sylvania GA 30467
    Sylvania Lodge No. 301 F&AM
    Sylvania GA 30467
    PS: Presently residing in Texas, but will return to Sylvania the last of May 2011.

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