And what does flooring have to do with sex?

Custom carpet

I know what you may be thinking… this is going to be weird or overly-commercial.
Let’s just say I’ve got a lot to lose if I get it wrong (credibility that comes with a journalism degree, plus a nationwide professional reputation in the flooring business, to begin with), so you can bet I’ve thought this one through.
After nearly 15 years in the flooring business and hundreds of articles, blog posts and web pages with my name on them, I’ve yet to address the issue of which carpet would be best for an intimate encounter… but my clients have.
I’ve had more than one (quite a few, in fact)  ask me some very personal questions about softness, fiber performance and cleanability for different flooring choices… all for the same reason.  
We live on our floors and, well, life happens.
In fact, I’ve even installed radiant subfloor heat under carpet to… well… keep things warm for a client.
There is even a position called “the carpet burn.”
Yep, I’m blushing… and curious!
But we do have the softest carpet in the world that can ease your burden, so to speak, and I have 3 recommendations based on your budget and lifestyle. And, because a romantic dip in the tub, surrounded by candles is great… but tile is just too hard!

My vote for the softest is Merino wool. Sure, you can have high-end clothing made from this stunningly-soft, natural fiber, but the carpet is to die for.
Merino is the softest material for carpet and represents the highest end of fashion. Or, Luxurelle fiber from Stainmaster available in my favorite piece called “Shangri La” (what a coincidence!) is so wonderfully soft you could use it as a comforter.
And there is more.
The newest fiber on the market, Triexta or “Sorona/SmartStrand”, has my vote as the best all-around carpet for a personal experience.


Though not as soft as Merino wool, it’s still quite soft. And… it’s got unparalleled stain resistance and wear-ability.
There, I said it.
And, both choices are eco-friendly (and I’ve given those of you with wool allergies an out).
During a recent nationwide flooring convention I mentioned incorporating sex into marketing for floors.
There were a few chuckles from the cheap seats, but it seemed as if a light went on for a few business owners.
It’s something you see with cars, drinks, vacations, etc… and why has the entire flooring industry missed the boat?
And oh how they’ve missed it. With a focus on price, price, price and the increasing commodotization of floorcoverings, the romance has disappeared from what can truly be a very personal decision.

What could be more personal than a finish material in your bedroom?
Beyond simple design changes for style reasons, we in the flooring industry are called upon to step in during some of the most personal life moments:
  Death of a spouse,
   and natural disasters like fires or floods.
Having had more than one client break down when explaining their reason for changing their floor, I am quite comfortable discussing this.
Of course, sex is used in advertising to draw attention to carpet in another country.
Here’s a nice example:

“nothing feels like a new carpet…”

Think this is a billboard from LA, Holland or France?
This is a company in England, not your usual first-choice for this type of discussion.
I went to because if ever a name were worth a thousand words, that would be it.
I posted a question – THE question – and here was their reply:
   From Fun on the Floor Ask an Expert
   “A nylon saxony all the way… soft, luxurious and the ultimate in comfort!!”
I like the fact that I even got an answer, but mine’s better.
Merino is softer than any nylon, and Sorona/SmartStrand is soft AND far more stain-resistant.
All said, the main goal for this post is to get your emails and comments and answer them discreetly.  
A search on Google! only turned up stuff I’m not in the business of dealing with.
So don’t be shy and we’ll do the best we can to answer your questions.

All the best!


LEED AP green flooring professional in Northern Virgina and DC Metro area

Christopher Moline, LEED AP

9 responses to “And what does flooring have to do with sex?

  1. Quite a tastefully-done blog post on a potentially-touchy subject. Congratulations to you. You’ve actually answered a question I’d not asked.

  2. Better watch out for wool allergies though, no?

  3. Green! And you picked GREEN!!!! YESSSSS!

  4. Where can I get information on stain removal for a wool carpet? Neat article.

  5. Your blog aroused my curiosity, drew me in and, instantly, my mind was adrift, imagining, feeling, my newly installed, luxuriously soft carpet under foot and my cool, candle illuminated bedroom retreat. My lover and I melted to the floor in each others arms, relishing the moment when…only moments and, I could scarcely think of anything but escaping the irritating, itchiness I was feeling along the back of my neck and down the length of my back, thighs and calves; regrettably, I could think of nothing, NOTHING, but escaping the incessant, irritation of scratchiness and itching on my bare skin. Alas! What is a wool allergy sufferer to do? Must I be condemned to to a life absent of spontaneous pleasure on the floor?

  6. we’re going shopping!!!!

  7. You would not BELIEVE the response this post has gotten! Looks like it’s a popular topic.

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