Expo is gone-o

The demise of Expo Design Center (or – Home Depot never shoulda gone there!)

7,000 jobs gone and all Expo Design Centers closed.  Someone should’ve told their webmaster… and this guy –
because it took weeks before the website went down.
Awhile ago, Home Depot announced that it is closing its smaller Expo Design Center chain. All 34 remaining Expo stores nationally are now closed (they started with nearly 250). No closures were announced for Home Depot stores.
But what does it mean to the consumer? Well, for one thing, Home Depot never should have tried to bring haute retail under their wing. It just wasn’t a good fit. And, as you know, the bad choices fall first under the knife of reality.

So, if you go to Expo.com and look for that Karastan Shapura Tiana Ivory rug (8’8 x 12), you’ll have to redirect your search and look for a local retailer instead.

And that’s where we come in.
After 37 years, we’ve seen ’em come and go… even Sears’ carpet department.
And when we say we’ll give a lifetime guarantee on your installation, we mean business.
We focus on one thing – floors. In fact, I often joke when folks ask if we do siding, cabinets, etc… and I say I get dizzy if I’m higher than 4″ off the floor.
All joking aside, focus has been one of the keys to our business success.

So, send an email, comment on this post, tweet in Twitter, but let me know your thoughts on this.  And if you are looking for a beautiful Nourison wool/silk rug, Karastan broadloom or Couristan runner, email me directly through the link under the picture below. I’ve got a list of Expo’s styles and can match them exactly with our Karastan line. Just one more way we’ve got you covered at Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home and Commercial Carpets of America.

If you are looking for a specific Expo Design style, click here or email me and I’ll work with you to get the product you need.

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2 responses to “Expo is gone-o

  1. I created a story giving my insights on this same topic here. Specializing and focusing on customer service are the best bets one can make in any business.


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