GreenBuild 2008

by Chris Moline, LEED AP
This is a quick post with links to interviews with manufacturers during GreenBuild 2008.
We have many posts on LEED credits, green building, reclaimed wood and more on our blog.

Mark Clayton With J&J/Invision at Greenbuild 2008
Recorded in Boston at Greenbuild 2008, Mark Clayton, VP of Marketing for J&J/Invision talks to Kemp Harr about “Echo,” J&J/Invision’s new PVC free backing being launched in a couple of months. Listen to the interview to hear more about this and other Greenbuild initiatives by J&J/Invision.

Catherine Minervini With Bentley Prince Street Discusses Their Greenbuild Experience
Recorded at Greenbuild 2008, Catherine Minervini, VP of Marketing for Bentley Prince Street, discusses Zip Stitch–their recently developed cradle to cradle carpet, their NSF 140 certification achievements and their sustainable social network website. Listen to the interview to hear more about these topics and details on their partnership with ANEW.

Natalie Jones With Mannington Commercial at Greenbuild 2008
Recorded at Greenbuild in Mannington’s first combined booth representing both their commercial and residential businesses, Natalie Jones, VP of Marketing for Mannington Commercial, and Kemp Harr discuss Mannington’s sustainability message and booth theme. Listen to the interview to hear more.

Bill Gregory With Milliken Discusses Greenbuild 2008
Bill Gregory, Milliken’s Director of Sustainability, and Kemp Harr discuss how this year’s show compares to previous Greenbuild shows. Listen to the interview to hear about Milliken’s third party certification for being a carbon negative company, their policy against buying or selling carbon credits and their recent achievement of having all their commercial products certified to the NSF 140 sustainable carpet assessment standard.

Henning Bloech With Antron Discusses Greenbuild 2008 Show in Boston
Henning Bloech, Invista’s Sustainability Director, and Kemp Harr discuss the type of attendees that attend the annual Greenbuild Show. Listen to the interview to hear more about the show and Antron’s efforts to minimize waste with their exhibit.

Jeff West Discusses Shaw’s Greenbuild Message
Taped from the show floor at Greenbuild last week, Jeff West, Shaw’s Director of Environmental Affairs, and Kemp Harr discuss Shaw’s latest sustainability and
environmental message. Listen to the interview to hear how Shaw has expanded their 1-800 take back program and to hear more about the show in general.

John Bradford, Interface, Discusses Greenbuild 2008
John Bradford, VP of Research and Operations, Interface USA, and Kemp Harr discuss Interface’s new web based social network on sustainability at Listen to the interview to hear Interface and Bentley Prince Street’s business plan around this “facebook” type website for sustainable minded people.

David Wilkerson, Shaw’s Director of Sustainability, Discusses Selling Green to Consumers

Now in his new role as Director of Sustainability, David Wilkerson talks to Kemp Harr about when and how to position green products to consumers. Listen to the interview to hear more about selling green and whether lower oil prices will have an effect on green initiatives at Shaw.

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2 responses to “GreenBuild 2008

  1. Nice interviews. They seem too corporate, though. No real hard questions at all. Still informative.

  2. Interesting. I’d like to get to GreenBuild next year!

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