The Fantastic Carpet One Winter Convention in Dallas, Texas

FROM THE JAN ’09 WINTER CONVENTION (2011 Dallas convention is just around the corner. So, check for awesome deals after January 14th!)

The annual Carpet One Winter Convention is always exciting and I always  come back with loads of  deals no one can touch… hundreds of remnants, pallets of wood flooring, and rolls of fantastic value carpet.   All of this is just further evidence that our Carpet One system provides strength through synergistic cooperation.

Picture this – Stainmaster Tactesse berber installed for $1.99/ft! That’s not a base grade berber, either. SOLD OUT
How about the new line of Disney carpet from Shaw’s Tuftex division.  Patterns based on Winnie the Pooh, Hundred Acre Wood, Tinker Bell, Cars and Lightning McQueen, Cinderella and more. It’s not just colors, it includes patterns no one else has and a beautiful display straight out of your child’s dreams. As a father with three children under 11, I can tell you it’s a spectacular line. UPDATE: We’ve installed hundreds of yards, plus many custom area rugs for kid’s rooms made from the Winnie the Pooh, Hannah Montana, Tinkerbell and Cars selections.
There is also a new product by DuraCeramic that allows us to float the installation, saving much time and money on the job total.
Here are some other products that are featured with very-special pricing during the post-convention window:

EMAIL for deals and details.
Hard Surface
Fairfax Strip and Plank, Guardian Strip, Symphonic 3″
Olde Mill, Saturnia, Natural Values, Coastal Collection, Lunar 13″, CC112, CC113, CC114, Grand Prix, Martingale
Shaw Carpet Styles –
Afterglow, Amanda, Bridge House, Bygones, Cloudy Sky, Colorific Supreme, Count On Me, Ginger Blossom, Lake Helen, Legacy Loch, Meadow Lane, Message Board, Nicobar, Parish, Touch of Luxury, Home Again, Holland.
Milliken Specials –
Rosemarie, Libby, Marietta Square, Color Suite, Adare Manor, Parliament, Achillies, Royal Chase, Classic Harmony, Grand Elegance, Legato carpet tile.
Mohawk Specials –
Rivermont, Belle Meade, Woodbourne, Raschiato, Pastiche, Oakland plank, Festivalle, Festivalle Plus, Celebration 8mm, Carrolton 8mm, Terra Bella, Mirador, Laredo, Villa Sienna, Willow Glen, Casa Lomas, Rainforest,
Carpet One Products –
Cobblestone, Gulliver, Provincia, Beachfront View, Sudan, Fabulous Faux, Compass, Wagon Wheel, Monteray Bay, Farrington Mill, Summer Cottage, Best Friends, Confident Style, Dreams of Joy, Full Bloom, So Fine, Unanimous, Every Little Thing.
Global Exotics
Waltham Solid and Plank, Global Exotics, Sugar Creek, Wentworth
Sheet Vinyl
Naturals, Realistique, Sobella Supreme, Ceramica, Simplicity, Aurora
Grand Illusions, Classics and Origins, Cumberland, Inspirations
There are many more, but these are the highlighted products. Call or come in to talk to us about your floors. We’ve got everything you need from base-grade carpet and tile, to silk rugs and glass tile with 14 kt gold backing for an amazing visual appeal.
So stop in and you’ll see why we’re the highest-rated flooring source in the country…

And “Remember The Alamo!”

Click here for a  conversation with Carpet One’s Eric Demaree regarding this convention.


Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Commercial Carpets of America
Alexandria Carpet One

2 responses to “The Fantastic Carpet One Winter Convention in Dallas, Texas

  1. Sounds great!

  2. the best salesman around town

    can’t wait for the disney collection!! my daughter is going to love her new pink carpet!! i have to say though Shaw is probably going to be the leader this year with new and awsome products

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