Custom Hardwood For Your Staircase


Got your attention?

What would you say if I told you a staircase like the one above There simply is no better way to retrofit your existing staircase for that professional, built-that-way look!


Tired of looking at carpet on your steps? Did you know that a hardwood staircase can be a real focal point to showcase your home! Picture switching from standard, everyday carpet, to luxurious, classy hardwood steps and custom railings with a wool runner and brass stair rods for that million-dollar look. It’s stunning.
Cherry, Walnut, Tigerwood, Mahogany… the sky’s the limit when it comes to what our custom shop can do for you.
And we can do it for you!

Many companies install hardwood flooring in strips on a step and slap on a piece of stair nose trim, then call it a day.  And, you get to see the wonderful, putty-filled nail holes in the stair nose because there is no other way to get them to stick. How does that sound to you?
Personally, I think it stinks… but that’s just my opinion.
However, I think you’ll agree with me once you’ve seen how it could be done, and all for just about the same price!


We pre-tailor your stairs to your existing steps and custom finish them in our cabinetry shop for a first-class, stunning finish. We can mill your steps from any type of wood, including wood reclaimed from an existing structure for that 3rd-life, green route to a great project.


From the floor up, we can craft double bullnose steps, open-ended with mitered returns, railings, newels and spindles (iron, wood or stainless), all custom-made to your specifications.


Give us a call at 703-370-0000 or email me and we’ll talk about what you’d like to do.


Chris Moline
Residential Group Manager
Alexandria Carpet One
Commercial Carpets of America

Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!

An Outline Of The Stair ReCrafting Process

Here’s what the process will look like from your point of view:

Step 1. When we customize your stairway, we begin by making a thorough in-home assessment.
Our technician takes accurate measurements of your treads and risers, and discusses with you exactly what your needs and desires are. If your staircase is curved or spiral or has “winder” steps where it turns a corner, he also takes complete measurements of the angles.  If any of the individual steps are curved or have “bull-noses,” a precise template (pattern) is made. Our technician will also be on the lookout for any potential glitches – places where the treads or risers may not be level, odd corners, or anything else out of the ordinary. With years of experience in the stair industry, we can handle any problem.

Step 2.
You select your favorite look from six different hardwoods and a multitude of stain colors. Other exotic and reclaimed woods are also available upon request. For the risers, you can either match the wood tone of your treads, or have them painted white.

Step 3. In our woodcrafting facility in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, we custom-build a stair tread and riser to fit each of your steps perfectly. Each component is beautifully pre-finished for easy maintenance and durability.

Step 4.
Once your components are ready, we install them over your existing stairs.
Here’s how it works:
a. The old carpet, padding, and tack strips are removed.

b. The “nose” of each old tread (the part that sticks out in front) is carefully cut off to allow for a perfect fit.

c. Starting from the bottom, the new riser is bonded to the front of the first step using a heavy-duty construction adhesive.

d. The first stair tread, custom-made specifically for this step and which fits perfectly over the top of the riser, is likewise bonded in place.

e. The process is repeated up the stairs.

f. Throughout the installation process, you will always have access to your stairs. There will be no need to disrupt your family’s activities.

Step 5. If your staircase has a landing, we install hardwood flooring on it, custom-made in our shop to match your new treads perfectly. In just a few hours you will enjoy the rich beauty of your new hardwood staircase. Sounds simple. But of course from our point of view, there’s a lot more to it.
Give me a call to talk about your project today!

or send over an email.

Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!

Christopher Moline
Residential Group Manager
Alexandria Carpet One
Commercial Carpets of America

5 responses to “Custom Hardwood For Your Staircase

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  2. Absolutely priceless information.

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  4. Your work on my stairs in Alexandria was amazing. I didn’t know we could use them right away until we spoke and that was the best.
    All of our guests comment on the work.
    It’s exquisite!

  5. this is great information

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