Wool Carpet In Northern Virginia – Green Style

Why wool?

by Chris Moline, LEED AP
Besides being wonderfully soft, wool carpet has many qualities that make it the floorcovering of choice for many residential and commercial end-users. Here are just a few:
It’s Clean & Naturally stain resistant 
     Wool repels liquids, a major source of stains.
It’s Safe – Naturally flame resistant 
     Wool fibers will not ignite if exposed to flames and they self extinguish quickly.
It’s Healthy – Better air quality 
     Certain wool carpets do not contain any toxic chemicals and can be made without the use of dyes. Wool fibers themselves can also hold dust particles until they have been vacuumed, which results in less dust in the air. Wool carpet can help purify the air by absorbing pollutants, according to a study by the Wool Research of New Zealand (WRONZ).
It’s Durable 
    Because of the natural resiliency of wool, wool carpets can hold their shape and fresh look longer than other types of carpet. When stretched or crushed, they bounce back to their original shape. Have you ever shopped for carpet and learned about the importance of TPI (Turns Per Inch) or the “twist”? Wool fibers have a built-in twist that cannot be reproduced by even the best production methods with synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers lose their shape more quickly. Synthetic fibers flatten, wear in high-traffic areas, wear under furniture, or pill.
It’s Soft –
    Wool carpets are soft and luxurious – Just come in to our showroom and you’ll see. We have different styles of wool carpet installed so you can put it to the test.
It’s renewable 
    Jjust ask a sheep after it walks away from a shearing!
When properly taken care of, wool carpet can last for 50 years or more.
It’s also biodegradable and will not clog landfills when discarded. It can be used as mulch, recycled, and is a truly earth-friendly, non-toxic product.
It can be used over radiant heating products like Warmly Yours for under carpets and area rugs.

Here is a nice image of a piece by Unique called Canterbury.

For more information, just email or call 703-370-0000.

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One response to “Wool Carpet In Northern Virginia – Green Style

  1. wool is amazing the better question is why not wool? theres no answer

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