Carpet Repair and Restretching, Patching In Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.

We come with the tools and knowledge to make it right for you!



Did you  accidentally leave your cat or Jack Russell in a room with the door closed?
I know, it was an accident, but they sure can do a number on a floor trying to dig out!
Or, how about that ink spot or cigarette burn in your living room?
We can make a patch that will stay put.
Does a member of your family need a custom transtion due to a recent illness?
Doorways and floor-to-floor changes need to be wheelchair-friendly, easy on walkers and shuffling feet because all require a smoother-than-normal transition to ensure safety. What worked initially may not be suitable now and we can work with you.

Our Services Include:
Post-flood takeup and haul away
Seam repair
Patching (Cigarette burns, stains, rips)
Pet tears/stains
Re-secure when pulling away from doorways/metal
Pad replacement
Re-install flooded areas after drying other company (ServPro, etc…)
Realtor specials to get that house ready to sell
Transition modification for recently-handicapped or wheelchair-bound clients (if this is you, this link may also be beneficial Making Your Home Wheelchair-Friendly)

Parameters for Service –

We are not responsible for damage to carpet while attempting a fix.
We do excellent work.
If a helper is required (furniture move, etc…) hourly rate increases by $25/hr.
We have a $165 minimum if work is performed, $99 if no work can be performed.
But, your $99 will be credited back if you purchase a new floor from us.
The $165 minimum includes the first two hours of work, which usually takes care of most restretches. Each additional hour is $85. Just give us a call to find out how we can help.

Please call 703-370-0000 or email us EMAIL.
All the best!

Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!
Chris Moline
Residential Group Manager
Alexandria Carpet One Floor & Home
Commercial Carpets of America

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