Meet Your Carpet’s Best Friend


Ok, it may seem corny, but it’s true… a vacuum is #1.

So often, clients ask about warranties and performance. And that’s perfect! But I always caution them that end-use and proper maintenance bring a lot of weight to the warranty table.
By vacuuming with our little buddy in that picture, the carpet is spared the torture of extra friction from particles acting as an abrasive medium between the fibers. It can also pick up loose soil or non-liquid staining matter before it gets a chance to find a home in your carpet.
Not only that, it’s just plain hygienic to vacuum regularly (and take off your shoes).
You don’t need the most expensive vacuum, just one that sucks… er, well, that’s sort of an oxymoron (not the guy you see on tv selling “Oxyclean”, either!)
I use an Oreck XL and it’s a real champ.
Check with your carpet sales professional to make sure you are using the proper type, however. Some styles like stapled/woven wools, will react badly to the use of a beater bar. Others, like standard nylons, will love you for it.
If you’ve got questions about the performance of your carpet, or would like to know anything about carpet fibers, padding or anything floor-related, send me an email or stop by the Alexandria, VA location on South Pickett Street.
Look forward to it!

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Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!

Christopher Moline, LEED AP
Residential Group Manager
Alexandria Carpet One
Commercial Carpets of America


2 responses to “Meet Your Carpet’s Best Friend

  1. that is one cool looking vacuum

  2. Really like this site….
    With the amounts of info that it has posted here I will be sure to come back to it.

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