Zero-Landfill Company? Yes We Are!

by Chris Moline, LEED AP
Had to post these stats. Commercial Carpets of America is a zero-landfill company.
Here is a calculation from a recent project…

Number of square yards reclaimed 18,440
Environmental Impacts
Equivalent # of pounds reclaimed 82,980
Cubic Yards of landfill saved 410
Average Equivalent BTU’s saved 829,800,000
# of avg. US homes that could supply for 1 Yr. = 5
Global warming potential averted (CO2 Equivalent lbs.) 580,196
Gallons of water saved 253,089

Note: This information is based on some life cycle analysis work done by
DuPont along with some assumptions developed through experience handling used carpet.
Some of these assumption are:
1) An average pile of mixed used commercial broadloom carpet weighs about 4.5 lbs per SQYD
and takes up approximately one cubic yard of space per 45 SQYD of carpet.
2) About one half the weight of used carpet is plastic face fiber versus backing adhesives and dirt.
3) The average US home uses 179,893,777 BTUs per year.

This is how seriously we take our commitment to the environment.
I  sincerely enjoy discussing all matters “green” up to, and including, home-based production of biodiesel! Of course, we are a flooring company and biodiesel is my hobby. That said, if we can post and comment something that can help lower the overall carbon footprint we leave behind, then this blog will have served its purpose.
Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!
Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!

Chris Moline, LEED AP


One response to “Zero-Landfill Company? Yes We Are!

  1. This is great to know! 🙂

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