Wholesale Flooring in Northern Virginia, Pro Source Rockville

Your answer to Lumber Liquidators (not iFloors because they just went bankrupt!)

Ever do a Google! search on Lumber Liquidators or the now-defunct iFloors complaints?  It’s a pretty eye-opening experience.
Our team is ready to work with contractors on a wholesale-to-the-trade basis. We’ve got your price… and your service team!

BEWARE – Before you buy from anyone else, ask the following questions:

What is the return policy?
How much will you be charged to re-stock if they accept returns at all.

What is the sales and use tax policy?
Are you ready to break the law by ordering out-of-state and not paying your state’s taxes? Odds are, you may not like the result.

How much is shipping… really?
Shipping needs to be factored into your total price. $1.99/ft isn’t really $1.99/ft if you have to pay $99 to get four 20 square-foot boxes of hardwood delivered. In fact, that little addition brings your price to $3.22/ft. Then, add your tax (or penalty if you get caught trying to skirt the law). In addition, are you aware of your state’s laws governing use tax and sales to non-profit or tax-exempt end-users?  Fact is, you as the provider are responsible for paying use tax on the materials unless you’ve paid tax on them when you purchased them… or thereabouts. Obviously, this is just food for thought, but it goes to show that you need to get the facts straight.

How do they handle warranties?
Do you have a real, live person you’ve met who you can turn to if there is a problem? Or, have you been sent to a call center in xyz-country to speak to someone named “Mike”?  Or, worse yet, is it all by filling out a form and paying with your credit card, only to be relegated to email or voicemail hell when you try to reach someone with an issue?

What is the complaint resolution process like?
Or, better yet, is there one? We live in the real world, and real things do happen. We’ll be there for you… will they?

Check out our site and give us a call
Phone: 703-370-0000


Not ashamed to be a tree-hugger!

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