Resista Soft Style Carpet – Earthscapes Resilient Flooring

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RESISTA Carpet – Featuring a no-exclusion stain 10-year warranty against all food and beverages, the advanced fiber technology of Resista™ actually repels liquids safeguarding your investment for years to come.

Accidents happen…but with Resista™ Carpet, there’s no need to worry! Resista™ is the perfect carpet for today’s most active households. The advanced fiber technology of Resista™ actually repels liquids, making cleanup a snap! Simply blot away red wine, grape juice, and more. Plus Resista™ offers unparalleled performance in a fashionable array of styles and textures in brighter, richer colors that feature supreme softness for extraordinary luxury.

Revolutionary Stain Resistance
Household spills are easier to remove because the enhanced fiber actually repels liquid.

Unparalleled Performance
Resista™ products are specifically engineered to retain texture and color longer for years of enjoyment.

Supreme Softness
Resista™ combines comfort and lasting durability yet is soft to the touch.

Revolutionary Warranty
Resista™ Carpet offers:

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A 10-Year No Exclusion Stain Warranty Against All Food and Beverages* This revolutionary warranty covers Resista™ Carpet against most accidental household stains that many other warranties exclude such as:
Fruit Punch
Grape Juice
Red Wine
Apple Juice and more!
No Questions Asked 60-Day Replacement Warranty *
If you’re not satisfied with the style or color of your carpet purchase during the first 60 days, your retailer will replace it.
Lifetime Installation Warranty*
Up to 20-Year Limited Wear Warranty*
Exceptional construction protects from fiber loss caused by abrasive wear so your carpet stays looking new longer.
Up to 7 ½ -Year Limited Texture Retention Warranty*
Superior construction provides lasting beauty and performance.
Call us to find out more about this amazing fiber technology!

<br>Christopher Moline, LEED AP<hr><br>Residential Group Manager<br>Commercial Carpets of America <br>703-370-0000 <br><a href=Email

Up-close seaming process with Earthscapes Titanium in our Alexandria showroom.

Up-close seaming process with Earthscapes
Titanium in our Alexandria showroom.

Earthscapes – Carpet One’s exclusive line of resilient flooring!
Loose-lay resilient flooring that comes with amazing warranties at a price you’d never expect!
Earthscapes is an amazing cushioned vinyl floor covering that is relatively new to the North American market. It’s been used for years in Europe and provides richly-textured, realistic patterns combined with excellent performance.
Technologically-advanced Earthscapes features:
– a layer of fiberglass fully encapsulated with PVC vinyl for complete dimensional stability,
– a comfort foam cushion,
– beautiful printed patterns and textures,
– a urethane wear layer that’s highly-resistant to stains and traffic.

Final installation in our showroom.
Final installation in our showroom.

The unique construction of Earthscapes premium cushioned vinyl provides a comfortable and long-lasting choice for carefree, everyday living.
With beautiful designs and textures that mimic hardwood and ceramic, very little required maintenance, and outstanding durability, Earthscapes can be used in any room in your home. If you have an area where moisture may be a problem, Earthscapes provides the perfect solution.
Had a flood? Just dry it off!
Earthscapes also offers exceptional acoustical advantages (very quiet underfoot), ease of installation, and resistance to the contraction, expansino, curling and cracking that are problems with “old-fashioned” vinyl flooring.
The Titanium and Platinum collections are exclusive to Carpet One. No one else has them!
Earthscapes is also extra-wide, 13’2″.
In most cases, subfloor preparation is easier than with other flooring products.
Here in Alexandria, we’ve had explosive growth in clients requesting Earthscapes Platinum and the new Titanium, and we’re days away from installing almost 300 square feet of the Titanium series in the most abused area of our showroom – the entrance to the warehouse!
I’ve chosen to put it there because all of our displays and samples come and go through that section and it’s more “abused” than even our front entrance.
That’s how much confidence I have in this fantastic floorcovering!

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Christopher Moline, Residential Group Manager, Commercial Carpets of America 703-370-0000 <a href=

2 responses to “Resista Soft Style Carpet – Earthscapes Resilient Flooring

  1. I’ve heard good things about this stuff

  2. Had it installed 2 weeks ago. Love it so far. Today the guy installing the new countertop moved the fridge and tore the Titanium Earthscapes. We have Shamel 996 and he thought it was ceramic tile. Call into dealer we bought it from. Fingers crossed that the repair will not be noticable.

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