ASID CEU Education Event – Fashion Under Foot: Carpet & Its Components

Courtney Ward and Kris Truta (Invista/Stainmaster) host our CEU training course.

Courtney Ward and Kris Truta (Invista/Stainmaster) host our CEU training course.

There is so much more to carpet than style… and interior-designer attendees of one of our recent training events were treated to the latest information on performance and the various components of a professional carpet installation.

Following is the actual course outline. Our Residential Group Manager, Chris Moline, LEED AP, is available to answer questions about these topics for you, so feel free to contact him at or 703-370-0000.

1) Education/Carpet Knowledge-(Discussion of fiber types used in manufacturing of carpet; both natural and synthetic with Question and answer at end of section)
a. Fiber-Natural (Wool, Cotton) vs. Polymer (Nylon 6,6, Nylon 6, Polyester-PET 2GT, DuPont Sorona 3GT, Olefin a.k.a. Polypropylene, acrylic)
b. Brief History of Polymer Fibers
c. Definitions of Carpet Fibers:
Carpet fibers can be defined by their:
-Polymer type
-Length (BCF vs. Staple)
-Dye Type and Level
-Shape (of cross section of fiber)
-Thickness (denier per filament, also known as “hand”)
-Antistatic Qualities (Very important in this age of expensive electronics.)

2) The Technology of Manufacturing- (Explanation the technology behind carpet manufacturing including hand-outs of fiber chips; BCF and Staple samples;
a. How filaments are used to create various styles of broadloom carpet: heat-setting, tufting, twist, shape(s) and deniers of fibers and how they relate to the total feel, performance and appearance of the product, etc.
b. The Dyeing Process-New Technologies-What to expect to find in the search for the right color(s) for your client
c. Stain and Soil Resistance-Teflon®, Scotchguard®, etc.-“How do I know what will serve my client’s needs?”
d. Anti-static Properties of Fiber- How important anti-static properties are in homes today.

3) Carpet Styles and How They Relate to Lifestyles- (Both ppt depictions and carpet samples of each type of carpet. Q & A)
a. Texture
b. Frieze
c. Cable
d. Saxony
e. Cut Pile Berber
f. Loop
g. Cut Loop
h. Pattern Cut Pile

4) Product Expectations- (Hand-outs for after class reading on warranties and cleaning recommendations.
a. Durability of various carpet fibers/styles/weights
b. Maintenance and proper care of various carpet fibers/styles (hand-out)
c. Warranties of various fibers (Hand-out)
d. Which is better for people with allergies, hard surface flooring or carpet? (Hint: The answer may surprise you!)

5) Cushion & Backing-Out of Sight Shouldn’t Mean Out of Mind
a. What cushion for what carpet style
b. Comfort vs. function

6) Carpet Trends- (Color, luster, pattern and style trends)
a. How and why are colors selected?
b. What are the new trends and innovations?

7) Partnering – (What to look for and expect in your flooring allies)
a. How to select a flooring contractor/supplier and work with them.
a. Know the product/know the client. Educating the client makes the designer a trusted ally.

If this is greek to you (even if you are a flooring professional) we can translate!

All the best!

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Commercial Carpets of America
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