Green Flooring – what’s on your mind?

Perspective from a LEED AP:

After over 11 years in the flooring business, I think I’ve heard it all. Then, someone inevitably comes along and says they’ve heard something from a flooring retailer that proves me wrong.
If you’ve heard something about green flooring and it either sounds crazy or too good to be true, post a comment here and I’ll do some research for you. “Green-washing” is a practice used by less-informed folks in the industry to cover their lack of knowledge at best. At worst, it’s a way to persuade a customer with good intentions to purchase flooring that doesn’t measure up.  We’d like to put a stop to that.

Ask your average flooring sales person whatUSGBC stands for and you’ll probably get a blank stare.
If they’re quick on their feet and think a smile will get them through, they may  make something up like, “U Seriously Gotta Be Cool” and expect you to laugh it off and forget about it. But USGBC stands for the US Green Building Council, creator and monitor of the LEED program.
LEED stands for Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, the worldwide standard for measuring energy efficiency in building design. Check out this youtube video for a nice explanation of LEED by Tracie Hall, Executive Director of the Upstate NY chapter of the USGBC –

Further on, they may think a carbon footprint is something you leave on the floor after walking through some coal dust… but check out and you’ll learn more.

Keep checking back for more as we add to this blog daily.

All the best!


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One response to “Green Flooring – what’s on your mind?

  1. The premise sounds very good and we will be contacting you to have an estimate. We recently had a bad experience at a flooring store where it was very obvious that the sales person did not understand even the basics of being eco-friendly.
    We were so disgusted that we left, but it seems as though we’ve stumbled upon someone genuine.

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